How to teach my dog to use his doghouse 

Pug in dog house

Have you purchased a nice hutch for your dog, but he won’t lie down in it? When you went to buy the hutch, you probably didn’t take into account that most dogs need to get used to a new hiding and sleeping place. Did it bother you that your buddy is one of those dogs that does not spontaneously lie down in the cage?

Rest assured, you too will succeed in getting your four-legged friend used to his new kennel in a relaxed manner. In this article we will give you tips to practice with your dog in a positive way. This way, your pal will soon be able to spend a lot of time outside, and relax in his new place. 


What is a doghouse for? 

A doghouse is a shelter and resting place for dogs. Your dog can take a nap in the kennel in a safe and dry place. Most dog houses are purchased for outdoor use. But it is also possible to purchase a hutch for indoor use. Dogs spend a lot of time indoors. There is nothing wrong with that, but there are several reasons why dogs sometimes only spend time outside: 

  • First, being outside is delicious and healthy. Your dog usually has more freedom of movement outside than inside. He can run and play and in the meantime breathe healthy fresh air. 
  • Sometimes it is just necessary that your dog is not inside. Think for example of situations where you have visitors who are allergic. Or when you are away from home for a long time and cannot let your dog out. At times like these, it is handy that your dog can play outside and rest in his cage. 
  • Often you see that dogs are used as guard animals. These dogs are used to spending whole days outside. When the weather is not so good, but also when it is hot, they can take shelter in their familiar cage. 


Keep these 3 important points in mind while practicing: 

  • Take your time  
  • Provide for rest 
  • Stay positive 

Dog house

Take your time 

Everything a dog has to learn new takes time. A new habit is not yet ingrained with just a few practices. The age of your dog also plays a role. Do you have a puppy in the house? Puppies usually learn quickly. Start getting used to them and practicing right away. For older dogs, it is more difficult to learn a new habit. In most cases, it will also take a little more time for your older animal to get used to his new pen. 


Make sure you have enough rest