30 dog tricks: the ultimate list

Dog trick

There’s nothing as fun as spending time with your dog. Whether you are playing together, going for walks, lying on the couch or just hanging out. All the everyday moments spent with dogs are definitely times to treasure and cherish. Another really fun thing to do with your dog is teaching them tricks! These can be so diverse and different as catching the ball, sitting down, rolling, and many more. Teaching tricks to your dog is a wonderful way of combining fun moments and fostering their development.  

The most important thing to bear in mind here is that the process of teaching always needs to be done by positive training, that is, congratulate your dog when it achieves a goal, but never scold him or her when they don’t do it right. Also, be sure to have some yummy treats at hand: this will definitely contribute to the learning process!

Maybe you already know a few of the most popular tricks and maybe you even already taught them to your dog but, did you know that there are lots of amazing tricks that you can teach your furry friend? Indeed, the list of tricks is long, and here we will show you some of the most fun and popular dog tricks. Read along to find out all about them! 


Give me the Paw 

One of the most popular dog tricks and a classic from this list is the paw trick. It is a very simple and easy one: you ask your dog to place its paw in your hand. The steps are as follows: put yourself at the level of your dog, and hold your open hand facing upwards, holding a treat. What your dog will probably do here is to sniff around your hand, investigate the treat that you are holding, and at some point, place its paw on the treat.

This is the precise moment where you have to congratulate your dog, saying something such as “good” or “well done”. Repeat this process several times and, after a while, do it without holding a treat in your hand. But give a treat or reward to the dog when it places the paw in your hand! Finally, do the process again without holding the treat but now say loud and clear the word “paw”. Remember to always congratulate your dog for the behavior.  

Give paw



Another classic of the world of dog tricks and one of the first ones to be taught is the sit trick. For this trick, the idea is that you teach your dog to sit down on the ground after your verbal command. The most usual and simple word that can be used as command is, of course, the word “sit”. The process is as follows: having treats at hand, wait for your dog to sit down on its own. When it does, congratulate it and share a treat.

Have some more treats at hand and show them to the dog. It will probably start doing all sorts of movements to figure out what it needs to do to get the treat. Wait until it sits and then give the treat to the dog. Repeat this process several times and then add the command word “sit”. After a few times of good practice, your dog will surely learn this trick really fast! 

Sit trick dog


Hand Touch 

With the hand touch trick, your dog learns to lean towards your hand and touch it with its nose. It is also a very simple trick which can be learnt quite fast and easily. First, place yourself in front of your dog with both your hands behind your back. Then, move your hand with your open palm towards your dog, as if you were going to give it a handshake. Your dog will most surely approach your hand and sniff it. At this point, say “good” or “well done” to congratulate them. Repeat this several times to give your dog confidence and to reinforce the behavior.

After a few times or repetition, add the word “touch” before placing your hand in front of your dog, and keep on congratulating and rewarding it when it touches your hand with its nose. This trick has different levels, as you can go increasing the distance you have f