Best Solution if Your Puppy Refuses to Walk

Corgi puppy met riem in mond

A puppy that doesn’t want to go for walks: it can happen to anyone. At a young age dogs can sometimes be quite stubborn. Also a pubescent puppy does not always want to do what you want your pet to do. There can be various reasons why your puppy does not walk well on the lead.

During the first weeks of life of a young dog comes much on him or her. It is a time full of changes, which can be quite exciting for a puppy. This can all be at the basis of not wanting to meeloop. Fortunately, there are several solutions. We tell you more about them in this article.


Why doesn’t my puppy want to walk with me?

There may be several reasons why your puppy does not want to walk with you. Therefore we have listed some of the most common causes. For each cause we also offer you a number of solutions.


The puppy still has to get used to you

Remember well that the first weeks and months are a time full of changes for your puppy. The first weeks a puppy lives with his brothers, sisters and mother. After that, the puppy goes with its new owner(s). This means that a puppy leaves his familiar surroundings. A puppy needs security. They can be somewhat scared by this sudden change. At the same time they still have to get used to you as their owner. They do not know you yet and therefore they do not know whether they can trust you. It often happens that your puppy does not walk well with you in the beginning.

For new owners, not walking well with you can be a source of irritation. Remember that a puppy is a baby. This means that they still have a lot to learn and that raising a puppy is quite a difficult task. Just like with a real baby, you will have to get out of bed several times a night to walk the puppy. This will make you more tired during the day, which can make you more irritable. If your puppy doesn’t walk with you, stay calm. Pulling on the leash and grumbling at your puppy will not help in this situation. Try to stay calm at all times.

Because a puppy is a baby, much will still be new to him or her. So will walking. At most breeders, puppies are not walked. They stay near their mother and they often do their business on old newspapers. Being walked is therefore entirely new for your puppy. But your puppy will also have to get used to the elements of walking such as the collar, the leash and the new environment . In addition, dogs have a stronger nose. So a new environment also means a lot of new smells that they are eager to discover. This new situation is exciting for your puppy in every way.