Tips for training multiple dogs at once

Dog training

Having multiple dogs in your family is an absolute joy, but it comes with its own set of challenges. The biggest challenge is probably training your dogs. We all know that younger dogs require more training time. But training your dogs never really stops at a certain age and is a lifelong commitment. 

Different dogs require different training approaches and techniques. So how do you go about training multiple dogs and satisfy their individual needs? Luckily, many have come before you who have faced the same problem and found helpful solutions. There are a number of ways you can overcome this hurdle. The tips below will help you become a pro in training all your dogs. 


Individual Training Methods 

How do you train multiple dogs at the same time without losing your patience? A fair question, as raising your faithful four-legged friends can sometimes be a challenge. But don’t worry, there are countless ways to train all dogs individually. We are happy to share our methods with you and show you how to use different rooms, for example, to train your dogs separately. In addition, we give you handy tips on how to easily incorporate these exercises into your daily routine. This way you can train your dogs one by one and strengthen your bond at the same time. Let the training adventure begin! 


Crate or Tether 

Separating your dogs through a crate or by gently tethering your dog to an object in the room can be a helpful way to train your dogs individually. There is a real benefit to this means of training your dog. We are all familiar with physical training but observation is a powerful training tool, too. Your dog can observe the training session from the crate and learn at the same time. This way you are actually training both dogs!  

Bear in mind that this form of training is more suitable for an experienced dog trainer as it requires a high level of patience and endurance. Make sure to repeatedly reward the observing dog for his patience and calm behavior. 


Keep dogs in separate rooms 

If the crate or tether method is too challenging, you can separate your dogs by putting them in separate rooms. This way your dog will have their full attention on you during the training session and the other dog won’t try to engage, causing distractions. Just make sure that you leave the non-working dog with a toy or a project of some sorts to prevent any anxiety or boredom from happening.  

Dog clicker training

Informal training sessions 

Formal training sessions are great to brush up on skills and behaviors but training your dog doesn’t have to be confined to just that. There are plenty of opportunities in your day to day activities to train your dog. You can, for example, ask your dog to wait before going out, sit before meals, or to stay in place when you have guests visiting. After all, we are training our dogs to show good behavior in daily life situations so it is a great way to remind your dog of how to behave.  


An extra pair of hands 

Do you have anyone in your household who might be able to help you? Ask for their assistance. An extra pair of hands always comes in handy. They