How do you train your dog to jump on your back? 

Dog trick jump on back

If you want to take training your dog to the next level, try teaching your dog to jump on your back. This impressive-looking trick is not only a great mental and physical exercise for your dog, but it is also a great opportunity to strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend. One of the most effective ways to train your dog is with the use of clicker training, which is the method we used in this step-by-step explanation of how to train your dog to jump on your back. If you are not yet familiar with clicker training, make sure you read the section about clicker training before you scroll down to step one.  

IMPORTANT: Please do not perform this trick when your dog is younger than 1 year old or if your dog is suffering from or has a history of any joint or muscle problems. When your dog jumps higher than its elbows, the joints will experience a high amount of pressure. This can be damaging to developing joints and to dogs who are prone to injuries.  


Clicker Training: The Basics 

Clicker training is a very effective method to train your dog and is great to incorporate when teaching your dog how to jump on your back. Your dog will easily recognize the consistent sound of the clicker which makes it an obvious cue for them to know they’ve done something right.

When your dog demonstrates the desired behavior, press on the clicker and reward them with a treat. This way, your dog knows he will get rewards upon hearing the clicker sound. The consistent, easy-to-recog