How do you teach a dog to ring a bell? 

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Are you looking for a fun and effective way to teach your dog to ring a bell? Then you’re in the right place! It can be a fun and surprising trick to teach to your dog, and it is also a great way to challenge your dog mentally and physically. In this text, we will explain step by step how to accomplish this. Whether you have a new dog or just want to learn a trick, this is the perfect guide for you and your faithful four-legged friend. Let’s get started! 


Nice, but what can I use it for?  

Imagine your dog telling you himself when he wants to go outside, when he wants company or when he is hungry or thirsty. You never have to guess, guess or hope that your dog will indicate it again! This is all possible when you teach your dog to ring a bell. It is a unique way your dog can communicate with you and help you understand what he or she wants. 

Learning to ring a bell is a fun way to play with your dog. And hey, learning a new trick or skill is a perfect way to bond with your dog. It is also a great way to mentally challenge your dog and thereby prevent annoying behavior. This trick will make your dog feel safe and understood.  


To keep in mind 

Now that you know what you can use a bell for, you can start learning this handy trick. The first step in teaching your dog to ring a bell is to introduce him to the bell. Here are some tips for doing this: 


Choose the right size 

Choose a bell that is appropriate for your dog – it should be large enough to be easy to work with, but not too large to overwhelm your dog. 

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Choose the right spot 

Place the bell in a place where your dog can easily see and reach it. Let your dog get used to the bell quietly. You can do this by letting him sniff the bell while you give him treats, or by letting him play with toys near the bell. 



Reward your dog every time he touches the bell with a treat or a compliment. This will help him make a positive association with the bell. Repeat this process a few times a day for a few days so that your dog becomes comfortable with the bell before moving on to the next step. Keep in mind that every dog is different and some dogs learn faster than others, so be patient and consistent in your training. 


Using a bell for potty training, eating or drinking 

Let’s get the show on the road! You’ve just found the perfect bell for your dog and it’s time to start training. Always bring a tasty snack with you when you practice, because those are the rewards you will be giving. And if you love an extra boost, bring your clicker too! 


Introduce the bell