Why does my dog rub his face on the carpet?

Dog rubbing face on carpet

Once every so often you will find your dog rubbing his face on the grass, ground or carpet. This is usually seen as normal behavior and should not be anything to worry about. However, if you notice your dog rubbing his face on the carpet excessively, there could be other underlying reasons why your dog is showing this behavior that might need addressing.  

Our dogs constantly communicate with us in various ways. As a dog owner, it is important to be able to pick up on any signs to understand what your dog is trying to tell you. Often the carpet serves as an excellent face-cleaning or scratching tool, but there could be other reasons why your dog is rubbing his face on the carpet. To make sure you understand your dog’s behavior, have a read through the following reasons why your pup might rub their face on the carpet.  


Normal behavior