4 Reasons why dogs roll in grass

Dog rolling in grass field

As a dog-lover, you must surely have noticed that dogs have certain behaviors and particularities that can be quite funny and eye-catching. Sleeping with their tongues out and in weird and curious positions, twisting their heads to the side when they hear some strange noise or attention-calling sound, kicking their legs fastly when being scratched or petted and, of course, rolling in the grass!  

In this article we will tell you more about this last funny attitude that many dogs have, and we will tell you in detail about the main reasons that explain this behavior. 


There is not just one simple explanation 

When thinking about the main reasons why dogs have this funny and weird habit of rolling in the grass, it’s very important to take into account that there is not always just one simple explanation for this attitude. Depending on which type of dog you have, its personality, its habits, its customs and its breed, the reasons behind the grass-rolling can be very diverse and varied.

In spite of this, all in all, rolling in the grass is usually never just a random canine behavior: there is most surely a root reason behind this attitude, which can be based on many different aspects of the dog, its personality and its history. 


A behavior that goes way back 

One of the main theories to explain why dogs roll in the grass goes way, way back to the times of dog’s wolf-like ancestors. The fact is that it is very possible that this behavior was inherited from wolves many years ago, and that dogs still keep this behavioral characteristic in their DNAs. When wolves roll in the grass, what they are trying to communicate and achieve has to do with odor and smells.

When a wolf encounters a new smell that’s unfamiliar, first it sniffs the odor and then rolls around into it, in order to get the smell impregnated in its body, and then carry it with him back to his pack, for every one of them to investigate and analyse the smell. What happens on many occasions is that, after this grass-rolling, it’s possible for the other wolves of the pack to trace the smell back into its place or origin.

So it is very likely that one of the reasons why dogs roll in the grass also has to do with this and is an inherited attitude from wolves. It may be that your dog is rolling in the grass because it smelled something different and unusual and wants to bring it back to you, just as wolves do. 

Puppy rolling around

Could it be allergies? 

Yes, indeed! Another reason that might explain why dogs roll in grass might be as simple as just trying to scratch out an allergy. Many dogs can be allergic to different kinds of things, such as to certain foods, to fleas, to the weather or to other environmental aspects. If this is the case, you should pay attention to make something about the allergies and identify the reason, in order to prevent possible skin irritations in your dog. 

A good piece of advice to know whether the rolling in the grass has to do with allergies is to be aware of other signs and symptoms that might evidence an allergy, such as skin redness, excessive sneezing, face-swelling or irritated ears. 


Obsessive behavior 

Many dogs roll in the grass due to obsessive behaviour. If this is the case, you might probably notice it because the grass-rolling is frenetic and excessive. But don’t worry! There’s always something that can be done about it if the grass-rolling is too much. You can turn to training as a way of redirecting this compulsive behavior into something constructive. Don’t hesitate to go for assistance from dog trainers or to do a consultation with your vet if you feel the need to. They are always there to help!