Why do dogs eat grass? 7 most common reasons

Dog eating grass

Going outside with your dog is the most fun there is. What dog doesn’t like running through the woods? But even a small walk through the neighborhood or running loose in the off-lease area is something most dogs love. If you often go outside with your dog, you may have noticed that your dog eats grass. Your dog is certainly not alone in this! It is not always an immediate reason to worry, but it is important to find out why your dog eats grass. In this article we’ll explain what these reasons might be. 


It’s part of your dog’s character 

Many people think that dogs are carnivores and that it is in their DNA to eat only meat. Nothing could be further from the truth. Dogs actually evolved as omnivores. Dogs used to eat everything available, whether that was meat, plants or other foods. So, eating grass may simply be an instinct.  

This reason for eating grass is quite harmless. Still, it is important to keep an eye on whether your dog eats grass a lot and often. Some other causes are more serious, but you can easily address them with the tips below. 


Your dog is bored 

The need to eat things other than normal kibble can be a sign of boredom. This happens, for example, when your dog gets too little exercise or plays too little during the day. Were you home a lot during the lockdown, but have you since returned to work at the office? This is also a switch for your dog. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to combat boredom. Make sure you go outside together regularly, extend the walks by a few minutes, throw a ball more often and make sure your dog has some toys at home that he or she can amuse themselves with when you are not at home.  

Dog eating grass

Your dog likes grass 

Tastes differ. Just as we as humans may like to eat a cucumber, your dog may like to eat grass. Dogs that like grass often go for the young grass that begins to grow during the first months of spring.  


Your dog needs fiber 

Another, more serious reason dogs eat grass is that they lack fiber. Like humans, dogs need fiber to ensure they can digest their food properly and have normal bowel movements. When your dog is not getting enough fiber, he or she may instinctively look for other ways to get this nutrient. Eating grass is one solution for dogs. Doubting whether your dog is getting the right nutrition? Check how much fiber your dog needs daily and whether this amount is in the daily diet. 


Your dog is not getting enough vitamins or minerals 

In addition to a lack of fiber, a lack of vitamins or minerals can also be a reason for your dog to eat grass. In this case, you will notice that your dog tries to eat grass during your daily walks. Again, it is important to check that your dog is getting the right food and enough nutrition. Have you recently switched to a different brand or type of food? If in doubt, contact your veterinarian to verify that your dog is getting all the important nutrients.  


Grass acts as a natural antidote 

Dogs can have stomach problems. The emptier your dog’s stomach is, the more troubled your dog is likely to be. Eating grass can counteract stomach pain or irritation. Many dogs owners experience that their dog eats grass, then vomits and then is a lot happier and more energetic than before. This is only the case if your dog vomits after eating grass. If he or she does not, then something else is going on.