Top 12 most popular black dog breeds 

Black dog

Black dogs have something mystical about them. It’s not surprising black dogs can provoke many different feelings at first glance. Some might preserve black dogs the same way as any other dogs, others might get scared of black dogs. A study by a kennel showed black dogs to be the least picked dogs and are always the ones that get left behind and picked the least.

This is a well-known situation and it’s called ‘black dog syndrome. According to old British tales, black dogs are described as hell hounds and are devilish creatures. This is of course not true. Black dogs are just as loving as any other color dog. Black is a more dominant color and there are actually more black dogs in the world than any other dog. Below are our top 12 most popular black dog breeds. 


Belgian Shepherd 

These black beauties will surely catch your eye with their stunning glossy black coat. As the name reveals, the Belgian Shepherd is a sheepdog known for its strong work ethic. Their bodies allow the Belgian Shepherd to walk and run effortlessly. The dogs have a well-balanced body structure and have long shoulders and parallel legs.

The Belgian Shepherd has high energy levels and loves to be active and play with its owner. This dog is also very intelligent and is eager to please its owner which makes it easier to train these dogs. They have an ongoing desire to learn new things and do new activities. They excel when they are in an environment that keeps their minds and bodies busy. With the Belgian Shepherd, you’ll have a loyal companion who loves to be around its family.  


Black Labrador Retriever 

This dog breed is amongst the most popular dog breeds here in the United States. Labradors are medium-sized dogs with a thick tail that gradually gets thinner towards the tip of the tail. The build of their bodies is a strong, sturdy build, making sure the Labrador can play with you for hours. These friendly dogs don’t only come with a lush black coat, but they also come in yellow and chocolate-colored coats.

The popularity of this dog is not only thanks to its good looks but also to its affectionate and playful behavior. The Labrador has loads of energy and is the happiest when he gets plenty of exercise daily, and it is also important for his overall health. When your Labrador starts to get bored, he will show unwanted behavior and start ‘mouthing’. Mounting is the act of lightly biting something, to help lessen the occurrence of this make sure you have enough toys laying around the house so your Labrador can entertain himself when needed.  

Black Labrador Retriever 


Gordon Setter 

Gordon Setters have beautiful wavy glossy black coats with often tan markings. Their glossy coats are one of their most recognizable features and though they often are wavy, they can sometimes be straight too. Their shimmering coats have tan markings on their chest, throat, legs, thighs and two eyebrow-like dots on their faces. Gordon Setters have bright brown friendly eyes which match the personality of this dog perfectly.

They make a great loyal companion who will feel like its best self when getting loads of daily exercise. The Gordon Setter is a very intelligent breed and is known for its hunting skills. They have high energy levels and need lots of room to run and walk around. These dogs will do best in smaller villages with loads of fields to run, they are not advised for families who live in the city.

Though the Gordon Setter is friendly to its humans, it takes some time for him to get used to other dogs and might even be aggressive towards other dogs. Gordon Setters can be a little possessive over their humans and toys. Often it helps to give your Gorden Setter extra attention when meeting with other dogs so he still feels like your one and only.