Pyrenean Mountain Dog: the independent protector 

pyrenean mountain dog

The Pyrenean Mountain Dog, also called Chien de Montagne Des Pyrénées in French, is a French dog that already served as a companion dog in the seventeenth century. This dog has a long history, because not only that, but he was also already used during the Middle Ages in the Pyrenees as a guard. This makes the Pyrenean Mountain Dog a protective dog and that is not surprising. This dog used to have a large and important task! Are you curious about this dog? Perhaps you are considering adding this sweet giant to your family? If you want to feel safe, the Pyrenean Mountain Dog is a very good option. We are happy to tell you more! 


The history: the Pyrenean Mountain Dog as a guardian 

The history of the Pyrenean Mountain Dog goes back a long time, namely to the Middle Ages. This dog was then used as a guardian of castles. Already in 1897, a detailed description of this breed appeared in the book by Count de Bylandt, then the Pyrenean Mountain Dog was already kept as a pet. The current description of the breed standard shows many similarities with the standard as it was already developed in 1923. 


The character: watchful, affectionate and sweet, but also independent 

The Pyrenean Mountain Dog has a watchful nature. He is used to protect, including against attacks from predators. This dog therefore has an affectionate nature, he attaches himself especially to you as his owner. He protects you after all! However, the tendency to independence exists, where you must respond well as an owner. This dog used to have a large area at his disposal to protect. It is not surprising that he shows independent traits. The sweet, protective nature makes this dog a great companion. You will feel absolutely safe if you have a Pyrenean Mountain Dog in your home!  

Pyrenean Mountain puppy

The appearance of the Pyrenean Mountain Dog 

As you can imagine, as a protector of castles, the Pyrenean Mountain Dog was no small dog. How else could he work as a guardian of castles? This dog is of large size and is strongly built, but at the same time elegant. Males typically grow to a height of 70 to 80 cm, while females remain slightly smaller, at 65 to 75 cm. The Pyrenean Mountain Dog is not much taller than it is long, despite its size. An adult male usually weighs 50 kg and an adult female 40 kg.  

The coat is quite long and supple. On the shoulders and back of the dog you will encounter some frizz. The undercoat of this breed is thick. A Pyrenean Mountain Dog comes in the following colors: white or white with grey spots. But you can also find them with orange or light yellow spots. These spots are often seen on the head, ears, tail and sometimes in other places. The Pyrenean Mountain Dog is intelligent, and you can see that in the expression of the eyes. Furthermore, these are almond shaped and rather small.  


The care is average  

If you choose this breed you can take into account an average care. Regular brushing is important because the coat consists of double layers. We recommend a weekly combing. In this way you can also keep a close eye on whether you see any abnormalities. 

Once a year the moulting period takes place, then you will need to brush a little more. Try to do a daily brushing round then. During the moulting period this dog also loses the undercoat. It is important to remove the lower hairs during this period. Because the upper coat does not felt, the care is quite simple. You do not have to do this dog in bath, unless he has made himself very dirty. In that case a bath is never wrong! The life expectancy of the Pyrenean Mountain dog is 10 – 12 years. 


What diseases can the Pyrenean Mountain Dog get?  

There are no known specific diseases that the Pyrenean Mountain Dog can get in particular, or in other words, no breed-specific diseases have been documented. However, it is always possible for this dog to get sick. For example, there are dogs that can get hip dysplasia, this is a common disease. If this occurs, then the hip join