Giant Schnauzer: a large and loyal service dog from Germany

Riesenschnauzer tussen de bloemen

The Riesenschnauzer is the largest of the three Schnauzer breeds. This dog breed has a powerful appearance and a loyal, gentle and friendly character. Originally, the Riesenschnauzer comes from Germany, where it was used as a cattle dog. His origin as a hard worker is nowadays still reflected in his character, he is namely very willing to work towards his owner. Because of his size, the Giant Schnauzer needs a lot of exercise.

It is important for him to stay physically and mentally healthy. Do you live on a farm or have a fenced garden? Then the Giant Schnauzer might be the dog you are looking for! Have you become curious and would you like to know more about the Giant Schnauzer? Then read this article for more information!


The history: cattle dog from Bavaria

The Riesenschnauzer originated in Germany in the 18th century, specifically in the countryside of Bavaria and Württemberg. He was bred there to serve as a cattle drover on farms. It is likely that a cross between the standard Schnauzer and larger breeds such as the Great Dane and the Flemish Cow hound resulted in this dog breed.

In Germany, the popularity of the Riesenschnauzer quickly increased. Especially when around the beginning of the 20th century the intelligence and eagerness to learn of the dog was discovered. They excelled in their task as a guard and police dog at the time, but even today this breed is widely used by security services in Europe.


The character: powerful, friendly and loyal

The Giant Schnauzer is a real working dog. He is loyal and willing to work hard for his owner. In addition, this breed is intelligent, eager to learn and obedient. If a Riesenschnauzer is well socialized, he often gets along well with children and other pets. This makes him suitable as a family dog. It must be said that the Giant Schnauzer is generally friendly and gentle, but can sometimes be aggressive towards other dogs. Towards strangers, this breed is reserved. It is a real watchdog that will protect you and warn you if there is danger.

A good socialization and education is very important for a Giant Schnauzer. This breed can exhibit dominant behavior if he is not raised properly. Later in this article you can read how to deal with this. Stubbornness can also occur in this dog. But if the Giant Schnauzer has a close relationship with its owner, it is a loyal quadruped. Overall, building a good bond is essential for the behavior of the Giant Schnauzer.

Riesenschnauzer puppy´s rennend

The appearance of a Giant Schnauzer

The Riesenschnauzer is an impressive dog with a powerful appearance. He is a lot larger than the Miniature Schnauzer and the Schnauzer. A male dog has a height at the withers between 65 and 70 centimeters and weighs between 27 and 48 kilograms. A female has a height at the withers between 60 and 65 centimeters and weighs between 25 and 34 kilograms.

The physique of the Giant Schnauzer is robust, square and powerful. It is a large and impressive dog to see. The back is sloping and short. The tail is carried high and is quite long. The body parts are muscular and powerful.

The coat of a Riesenschnauzer is black or salt and pepper colored. He has a soft undercoat and a rough outer coat. The hairs of his coat are close together, so it can look tousled. Characteristic of Schnauzer breeds are the long mustache, beard and eyebrows.


The care

The coat of a Riesenschnauzer needs intensive care. The coat has a special structure and remains the best when brushed every day. You should also comb the beard, mustache and eyebrows thoroughly. Twice a year a Riesenschnauzer must go to the groomer to trim the coat. A Riesenschnauzer loses little to no hair and is therefore suitable for allergy sufferers.

It is also important to keep the ears and eyes of a Giant Schnauzer clean; this reduces the risk of bacteria and infections. It is sufficient to check this weekly. If you notice that your dog has a lot of problems with dirt, you can ask the vet for advice. In addition, it is important to check and trim the nails every month.

If a Giant Schnauzer has nails that are too long, then problems can arise during movement. This applies to every dog. The teeth should also be checked regularly. To maintain your dog’s teeth, you can brush them with a special dog toothbrush. It is wise to get your dog used to this early on.

Besides the external care, it is important that a Giant Schnauzer gets enough exercise. This dog breed has an increased risk of obesity. He needs food of high quality to keep his weight under control. Also, the number of treats during training should be limited.


Are there any diseases that occur in this breed?

The Giant Schnauzer reaches an average age of 10 to 12 years. This dog breed has a large size and this causes a greater chance of certain hereditary diseases and disorders. A Riesenschnauzer is predisposed to: