10 Best rat and mice hunting dog breeds 

Teckel hunting

Different dogs have different kinds of talents. While some are good at swimming, others are excellent runners. However, other species were originally bred for the purpose of hunting and killing rats. Affectionately known as mousetrap, the most common pest hunting breed is the terrier. In fact, the word terrier comes from the Latin terra, which literally means earth.

This is an interesting fact, because many terrier breeds will move on the ground when looking for burrowing pests. All these dogs have small bodies and amazing energy. They can quickly dig a hole to catch your prayer. The terrier also has a thick tail, which the owner can use to pull the dog out of the hole if necessary. There are other dog breeds that are very good at catching mice, but terriers are the majority. This article will present 10 ideal dog breeds for catching mice or rodents. 


Rat terrier 

His name says it all: this dog is the perfect mousetrap. The rat terrier is small and active and can be a good companion. Rat terriers are very affectionate, which makes them suitable as sweet family pets. They are very good with children, especially if the dog is raised by the family because he is a puppy. They are easy to train and will play and even swim with you.

His energy is extraordinary. You can even breed this breed in the apartment. Remember, you need to exercise regularly to expend energy. If you live in a house with a garden, be prepared to dig a hole in the ground from time to time, because rats and dogs like to dig holes. This is its nature. They come in a variety of coat colours, including spotted, black, red, chocolate, and white. 

Rat terrier 


Cairn Terrier 

The Cairn Terrier is one of the most experienced dog breeds hunting rats and mice as they love digging. If you really have a rat and mice problem at home, this breed can be one of the best. It is a small dog with weatherproof coat which requires maintenance. They are really friendly and loyal companion dogs even though they like to be independent as well. Consider that the Cairn Terrier needs daily walks and plays. If these requirements ar