Ways to get dog hair out of a car  

Dog fur in car

Does it drive you crazy, too? All those dog hairs in the upholstery of your car and have you tried everything to get them out? Sometimes they get so stubbornly stuck in the upholstery that you have already tried every possibility and there are no options left. Sometimes it can be convenient to take your dog with you because you need to take him to the vet or he needs to be taken to the sitter.

Sometimes you also just want to go for a nice walk with your dog in a different environment, even then it is easier to just take your dog with you in your car. This only ensures that your car will be covered in dog hair and the hair sometimes flies around your ears, or magically gets into your clothes. This while you have just put on your nice clothes for a party or an important meeting.  


What materials can I use for hair removal? 

Perhaps we can help you by giving you tips on how to get the dog hairs out of your car or how to avoid having them all over your car. If you have managed to remove all the hairs from your car, we also have some tips on how to prevent your car from getting covered in them again. You can remove the car upholstery from the hairs of your four-legged friend by using one or more of the following products, namely: 

  • Rubber gloves
  • Rubber brush
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Pumice stone
  • Clothes roller
  • Wet cloth
  • Window wiper

These are often products that you do have in your home by default, therefore you actually always have the option of cleaning your car at any time.  


Use wide tape  

No matter what kind of tape you use, this is an ideal way to remove dog hair from your car. For example, you can use tape or wide tape, as narrow tape will also take you some time. By sticking wide tape on the spot where there are a lot of hairs, you can then pull it off, removing a lot of hair. If your car is completely covered in hairs, you can imagine that this is quite a job and it will take some time. For small spots, however, it is a handy solution. 

Dog fur

Rubber household gloves