20 essentials every dog owner needs 

Essentials dogs

Are you about to become or have you recently become a lucky dog owner? If so, congratulations! Having a dog is a life changing experience that will most certainly fill your everyday life with happiness, joy, and fun. Playing, cuddling, going for walks, or simply chilling on the couch are some of the best everyday experiences that you can share with a dog, and you’ll see how you will cherish every moment with your furry friend with love and affection. 

Nevertheless, if you are new to the amazing and wonderful dog world, there must be many things that you are wondering about how to better take care of your new furry friend. Indeed, there are several aspects to take into consideration when having a dog in your life, whether this dog is a tiny dog, a big dog, a puppy, or an older dog. Food, health, training, and hygiene are some of these things that you should address if you have or will be having a dog.

It’s important to keep in mind that each canine has its needs and particularities, but there are a few essential items and tips that will come in handy for you, no matter which dog you have. Do you want to know all about the essentials that every dog needs? Read along to find out all about it! 


1. Comfy bed

As you might probably imagine, and as happens also with humans, one of the most essential items that your new dog will need is a comfy, cushioned bed to sleep on and rest after long days of fun. The bed should adapt to the size of your dog, and in every case be big enough for your canine friend to have space to lie down.

Fortunately, there are many different sizes and styles of beds available in the market. Nest beds, bumper beds, corner beds are just a few examples. A tip that we can give you is to choose a bed that will be easy to wash and keep clean. It also happens that, in different stages of its life, your dog will need or prefer different types of beds.