How to keep dog hair off the couch (+ remove tips)

Dog hair on couch

Having a dog is a wonderful experience and you wouldn’t want to miss it for anything. Yet in some cases it is very annoying to constantly find the dog hair on the couch. Have you just come home from work and soon you have another appointment, your black pants are covered with dog hair.

Is this also recognizable for you? You are probably wondering if you can avoid finding dog hair on the couch. And if there are already dog hairs on it, how do you get them off again? We’ve figured out for you how to make sure your dog hair ends up on the couch. And if it’s too late, we’ll also teach you how to remove dog hair from the couch easily.  


Preventing dog hairs from getting on the couch 

To prevent dog hair from getting on the couch, we will provide you with three ways. Listed are the three ways you can try: 

  • Teach your dog not to go on the couch 
  • Cover the coach with dresses 
  • Brushing your dog often 

We discuss all the ways below with you. In the same order as we experienced them ourselves! 


Teach your dog not to go on the couch 

First, it is important to unlearn your dog from going on the couch. This sounds like an ideal situation, but if you have a puppy in the house, for example, you can immediately unlearn it from sitting or lying on the couch. This is more difficult if you will have a dog in the house that is already a bit older. Often these dogs have already learned that they will not be punished if they do it anyway. Sometimes it is not possible to teach your dog not to go on the couch. Before you know it you see dog hairs everywhere again.