The Pumi: the dog that looks like a teddy bear 

Pumi running

Originally, the Pumi is a Hungarian shepherd, created by breeding Puli’s with German and French shepherd dogs. Because this dog is used to moving around a lot and doing tasks for you, it is a dog that fits perfectly in an active family. Because with children and other pets he is good to deal with. Have you become curious about this energetic and inquisitive medium-sized dog? Then read on and decide whether this dog suits you.  


Not a Puli but a Pumi: a breed that herds cattle 

The origin of the Pumi lies in Hungary. The breed probably originated by accident, by breeding the Hungarian Puli with German and French sheepdogs. For a long time, people mistook the Pumi for the Puli. It was not until 1920 that the Hungarian professor Dr. Emil Raitsits was believed to have separated the Pumi from the Puli. He encouraged the breeding of this breed so that traits could be defined.  

The Pumi was used to herd livestock. The breed was created in the need to create a dog that herds as well as possible. This made the breed very fast, agile, and able to make quick decisions. They could herd the cattle without causing injury to the cattle. Today in Hungary they still use this dog breed for herding cattle. Outside Hungary, this dog is gaining popularity as a companion dog.