The Samoyed: a gentle polar dog

Samojeed liggend in de sneeuw

The Samoyed is a breed that is particularly well known in Northern Russia and Siberia. The Samoyed was widely used in hunting wild animals, but they were also often used to pull sleds and boats. This dog was really seen as part of the family and had, among other things, the important task of protecting the children from the cold.

By nature, this breed is therefore gentle and playful. But the Samoyed also has a mischievous side and can be quite stubborn. Furthermore, this breed stands out because of its white, thick coat and its very friendly facial expression. The Samoyed is especially known for its Samoyed smile. Would you like to know more about this interesting breed? Then read on quickly.


History: a strong breed originating from Siberia

The name of this breed is derived from the people who developed it, the nomadic Samoyed people. In Siberia they bred with the aim of creating a breed that could cope well with low temperatures. The Samoyed was the result of this: a strong breed that was very resistant to the cold climate.

This breed was widely used to help with work. Its tasks included herding reindeer and towing sleds and boats. In addition to these activities, this breed was also used to keep people warm. The coat of a Samoyed is very thick, which is why the Samoyed people would lie against the dog in their tents to stay warm.

The Samoyed was mainly used to keep watch and guard land. At the end of the 18th century, this breed was imported to England, where the Samoyed quickly became popular. Queen Alexandra, the queen in power at the time, was a huge fan. Partly thanks to her, this breed became so popular.


The character: friendly and attentive

The Samoyed has a very friendly character. It is a sweet family dog that likes to have people around him. Whether these are children or adults, it makes no difference to him. This breed adapts quickly and gets along well with other animals. Besides this gentle nature, the Samoyed also has a mischievous and stubborn side.

He is very smart and needs a lot of attention to keep him happy. If he gets bored he may start digging and barking. Despite this trait, your Samoyed does want to fulfill his owner’s wishes. A good education and sufficient attention is therefore essential to minimize this undesirable behavior.

By nature, the Samoyed is a dog that was used for herding, so it can happen that he sometimes tends to chase children. But he will never really harm them. In addition, he is very observant and he quickly notices when there is danger. So it can be a very good watchdog. It is also important that you do not leave this breed alone too much, they will be unhappy.

Samojeed knuffelt met puppy

The appearance: a strong body and a friendly smile

The Samoyed is a strong breed and can be recognized by its white, thick coat. The coat is so thick that he has no problem being outside in cold temperatures. The Samoyed has an average size and lives to be approximately between 12 and 15 years old. The head of the Samoyed is quite broad and it has upright, triangular ears. In addition, this dog is known for its friendly expression. The eyes of the Samoyed are alert and lively, and its mouth creates a cute and unique smile.

The Samoyed’s neck is strong and very muscular and flows nicely into the rest of his torso. The chest is deep and broad. The rest of the body is of medium length and is also very powerful. With