The 10 most Popular French dog breeds 

French dog

Without doubt, France is a country recognized internationally for its culture, architecture and gastronomy. However, we cannot forget the number of dog breeds that are originally from their territory. Nowadays, we can find more than forty canine breeds that have originated in these lands. However, some of these breeds have become extinct over the years. In this article we are going to explore the ten most popular French dog breeds together! 


The Barbet 

The first on our list is the Barbet, a type of water breed with a strong body and medium size. He has long curly hair and is popularly called the ‘ancestor of the poodle’. As a curiosity, there are several controversies and theories about its origin but it is usually recognized as a French breed, being one of the oldest breeds on the European continent.

Barbet dog


The Poodle

The poodle or medium poodle is the most popular French breed in the world. What is the reason behind this? Not only are they adorable in appearance and especially sensitive, but they are some of the most intelligent dogs in the world. The most distinguished physical aspect of the poodle is its curly hair that