The Dutch Smoushound: breed description

Dutch smoushound dog

The Dutch Smoushond is a truly Dutch dog that is only bred in the Netherlands. This breed is very rare and therefore not well known outside the Netherlands. Because they are popular dogs and there is only one breeding program, it takes a long time before you can get your hands on this lovely dog.

If that doesn’t stop you, you will have a playful, affectionate, and fun family dog. Because they are such easy-going dogs, they are easy to train and get along with other animals and strangers. But be careful with small pets. Because the hunting instinct is still deep within some Smous’. Are you curious about more characteristics of these rough-haired and playful dogs? You’ll discover them all in this blog.  


Almost extinct breed: the history of the Smous 

The name Dutch Smoushond says it all: the Smous is a Dutch dog breed. These dogs are descendants of the German wire-haired Pinschers. During the middle of the 19th century, the Smous was a popular breed in Amsterdam. The dog merchant Abraas sold these dogs to Amsterdam fair visitors, selling them as ‘gentlemen’s stable dogs’. This name was soon changed to Smous in popular speech. This breed of dog was mainly used to keep the stables free of rats.  

In the period between the First and Second World War, the Dutch Smoushond was almost extinct. The last litter was registered in the Dutch dog studbook in 1949. Fortunately, H.M. Barkman-van der Weel decided to start breeding the breed, so the extinction of the