10 best dog breeds for running

Running with dog

Do you love dogs and do you also love running? Then we have great news for you: it’s absolutely possible to put your two passions together! For those who love running and spending time with their fellow furry friends, there’s nothing more enjoyable and satisfying than going for a run with a dog. Exercising is healthy and fun for humans and for dogs too. Therefore, canines also enjoy spending time by going on runs with their owners.

Nevertheless, it’s important to know that there are certain dog breeds which manage better with running and strong exercising than others. In this sense, if you are looking for a dog and you know that you would also like to share runs with it, it is worth looking into this. Therefore, we have put together a list of 10 dog breeds that manage running very well. We will tell you all about them below. Are your curious and on the search for a new running buddy? Read the article below!


A few things to consider when running with a dog

There are certain particularities of some breeds which make them more prompt to enjoy and be apt for going on runs. Dog breeds which are athletic, strong and energetic are great fit for runners. Moreover, it’s important to take care of puppies and senior dogs: running can be quite demanding and not a very good exercise for dogs when they are too young or too grown up.

Finally, consider that, whichever breed you choose as a running buddy, all dogs need to have access to water when they run. It is just like humans with humans. Also, always pay attention to how your dog is holding up and how they feel when they are running. Do not hesitate to go back home, take a break or slow down if you see that your dog is tired, overheated, short in breath or distressed in any way.

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The best dog breeds for running

Now that you know a bit more about the amazing world of runners and dogs, we are going to take you through a detailed list of some of the best dog breeds for running. Note that this, of course, does not mean that other breeds are not also good for runners! Any dog can be fit for going for runs, given that you consider the precautions we have mentioned. Nevertheless, given their features, the dog breeds that we will mention next are some of the best ones for going on runs with.



The popular, cute and strong Dalmatians are certainly an option to consider if you love dogs and running. These adorable dogs are athletes by nature, and they always need to have a lot of time dedicated to exercising and stay busy and active in order to thrive. This is why they will surely enjoy going for runs with their humans, and they will be excellent partners for this activity.




Weimaraner dogs are members of the so-called sporting dogs. These specific dog breeds have developed certain features over the years, which make them great fits for activities such as running. Their endurance and athleticism make them amazing running partners. As members of the spotting dog group, the Weimaraners are, without question, excellent running buddies.

Their endurance, athleticism, great tolerance to heat and speed make them perfectly fit for going for long or short distance runs. Moreover, Weimaraner dogs need to have a fair share of exercise and activity in order to stay healthy, so running can be a very important part of their overall wellbeing.



Border Collie

This beautiful, friendly and adorable dog breed is one of the smartest breeds you will find. Border Collies are very active, extremely agile and super energetic, and they love to be on the move! In this sense, they can be amazing running buddies, as they can run fast and for a long time. They can tolerate heat quite well, but will certainly flourish with cooler temperatures. Border Collies need to have a good amount of exercise and activity in their everyday lives, otherwise they can become frustrated or anxious. Thus, they will really appreciate and enjoy spending time running with you!

Border Collie



Vizsla dogs are active, energetic and hard-working hunting dogs. As such, they are excellent running partners. They need to stay active and on the move in order to make the most out of themselves, thus making them run is very healthy for them. Vizla dogs also belong to the sporting dog group, and tend to have amazing speed and top endurance. During your run, they will surely stay very close to you, as they like to stay next to their owners. Viszlas are, thus, very loyal, affectionate and lovable running companions.