Australian Cattle Dog: Breed overview

Australian Cattle dog puppy

The Australian Cattle Dog comes from Australia. There, these dogs have been bred for years to be able to herd difficult livestock. That was a challenging task for which they needed a lot of energy and had to be independent. You still notice that. As an owner you must be confident, because this dog will otherwise run you over. But if you are clear and consistent with them, they are loyal to you for life. Find out here if the Australian Cattle Dog will fit into your household.  


Blended for herding challenging livestock 

The history of the Australian Cattle Dog begins in, you guessed it, Australia. In the 19th century, cattle herders brought Collies to the country. Only the Collies weren’t tough enough against the harsh conditions and difficult cattle. So for sixty years they bred all kinds of dogs with different characteristics.

Like Shepherd Dogs, Dingoes, Collies, Bull Terriers, Dalmatians and the Kelpie. Finally, the Cattle Dog was created at the end of the 19th century. This dog breed herded cattle by biting the cattle in the heels, worked with people, showed initiative and could stand up well to different weather conditions. For in Australia there was extreme rain, heat and cold.  


The character traits of the Australian Cattle Dog 

These Cattle Dogs are courageous dogs. In addition, they have tremendous stamina. This makes them excellent hunting dogs. But these fun dogs have even more advantageous traits. For example, they are very smart, they love to work, they are eager to learn and loyal to their pack. But they do not like strangers, which is typical for sheepdogs. They are therefore distant towards strangers.  

The Australian Cattle Dog also has some challenging character traits. As a hunting dog he is used to working independently and he likes to push his own way. It is therefore important that this breed of dog knows its ranking and place in the family. It often happens that these dogs focus on someone in the family and see this person as their boss. He then listens to this well and is very involved and loyal. However, because he is so focused on a person, he may develop separation anxiety.  

Male dogs tend to be impatient with other dogs. Because it is a dog with some feisty traits, it is a dog for people who are a little more knowledgeable about dogs than the average person. When you raise the Australian Cattle Dog consistently, he will listen to you well. Are you too rough with him in handling? They are, despite their courageous nature, also a sensitive dogs. This can make your dog show annoying behavior, such as biting. He therefore needs clarity.  

Australian Cattle dog 

This is what the Cattle Dog looks like 

The Australian Cattle Dog looks strong and muscular. His broad head is powerful, his ears just small and these are in points on his head. The ears are set fairly far apart. The chest of these dogs is muscular and moderately wide. This dog breed has a short double coat. Its undercoat is also short and dense.

The color of his coat is different. For example, this dog occurs in red (red speckled) and blue with a tan color (blue mottled, blue speckled). Males often have a height at the withers between 46 and 51 centimeters. Females are slightly smaller, with a height at the withers between 43 and 48 centimeters. The Australian Cattle Dog weighs about 16 to 21 pounds.  


Simple care of the Australian Cattle Dog 

The coat care of the Australian Cattle Dog is actually pretty easy. You only need to brush his coat once or twice a week to get rid of loose hairs. During the molt you can brush what you want, everywhere you come across dog hair. These quadrupeds simply lose a lot of hair.

If your dog is dirty, you can usually let the dirt dry and then brush it out. Do you want to give him a bath anyway? Don’t do this too often and only use mild dog shampoo. It is wise to regularly check the eyes and ears, so that the dirt does not stay in them too long. Also pay attention to the nails of your dog. Cut these at if they are too long. You can also let the vet do this.  


Quality food with protein 

Like all dogs, the Australian Cattle Dog is descended from predators. Meat is therefore something they like to eat and which is good for their bodies. Preferably give your dog food that is free of grains and contains high-quality protein. Pay close attention to your dog’s figure, as the amounts on bags of food are guidelines.

Some Australian Cattle Dogs are quite greedy, so they soon become too fat. You must also be careful with snacks. Do not give him too many snacks and adjust the amount of food accordingly. You can give your dog the occasional tripe or ox ears for his chewing needs. Besides go