Australian Cattle Dog: Breed overview

Australian Cattle dog puppy

The Australian Cattle Dog comes from Australia. There, these dogs have been bred for years to be able to herd difficult livestock. That was a challenging task for which they needed a lot of energy and had to be independent. You still notice that. As an owner you must be confident, because this dog will otherwise run you over. But if you are clear and consistent with them, they are loyal to you for life. Find out here if the Australian Cattle Dog will fit into your household.  


Blended for herding challenging livestock 

The history of the Australian Cattle Dog begins in, you guessed it, Australia. In the 19th century, cattle herders brought Collies to the country. Only the Collies weren’t tough enough against the harsh conditions and difficult cattle. So for sixty years they bred all kinds of dogs with different characteristics.

Like Shepherd Dogs, Dingoes, Collies, Bull Terriers, Dalmatians and the Kelpie. Finally, the Cattle Dog was created at the end of the 19th century. This dog breed herded cattle by biting the cattle in the heels, worked with people, showed initiative and could stand up well to different weather conditions. For in Australia there was extreme rain, heat and cold.  


The character traits of the Australian Cattle Dog