Yorkshire terrier: Breed description

Yorkshire Terriër in bloemenveld

For years, the Yorkshire terrier has been a wildly popular breed among dog owners. This he owes to his cute appearance and brave character. Although this doggie is a small size, his intelligence certainly does not disappoint. The Yorkshire terrier is a fun family and companion dog, has spirit and a very interesting history. Want to learn more about this dog breed? Then read on below.


The history: from rat catcher to exhibition dog

You might have guessed it: the Yorkshire terrier, also known as a Yorkie, is originally from Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. Experts believe that the breed came about by crossing several dog breeds, but especially several terrier breeds. Among others, the v and Paisley terrier, the Dandie Dinmont, the Manchester terrier and the Maltese (for its soft coat) can be found in the Yorkie’s pedigree. The Skye terrier can also be found in the family list.

The Skye terriers came around 1850 with their Scottish owners, who were then weavers, to the English Yorkshire. There they were crossed with waterside terriers and other local variants of the terrier. This was the beginning of the Yorkshire terrier!

The breed was incredibly popular. The Yorkie lent itself all too well to various chores that used to come in handy. Thus, the quadruped was to be found in garment factories to catch the rats, he was taken along on hunts to scavenge and he was often on the farm to be found as a rat repellent. A real asset. And that is how we still see this little dog: an asset – agile and smart.

The Yorkie has become a popular companion dog and the breed is seen as modern and elegant. This dog is even very popular as a show dog.


The character: this breed has a lot to offer

The Yorkshire terrier is often underestimated by dog lovers, a shame! This breed is in fact at home in all markets. It is thought that the dog only provides company and has little else in the house, but nothing is further from the truth.

The Yorkie is naturally territorial and therefore very watchful. Strangers will probably not easily shy away from this quadruped with a cute appearance. Nevertheless, the Yorkie will always be alert and warn his owner in case of need. They may be small, but this does not affect how incredibly brave they are. They sense unwelcome visitors razor sharp and will not be afraid to defend their owner.

In addition to being protective, this breed is also feisty and stubborn. They are not always easy to train. They have, like many other terriers, their own will and they do what they want.

This does not mean, however, that they are on their own. They are very affectionate and love to be as close to their owner as possible. In a family situation, this is often not ideal; the Yorkshire terrier usually attaches most to one person. However, this breed is sweet and patient with children. They like to be surrounded by people who want to keep them company.

Have you ever heard of small dogs pretending to be big dogs? The Yorkie could just be the inspiration for that. They have self-confidence and dare to go on a rampage even against the biggest and strongest dogs.

If you, as an owner, raise these four-legged friends in a disciplined way, you will have these dogs as happy and playful friends for life who are well able to listen to commands. They have great problem-solving abilities, learn quickly and are more intelligent than people often think. In addition, they also get along very well with other dogs.

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The appearance and physique

Because the Yorkshire terrier has a sweet appearance, dog owners quickly fall for its friendly charm. In addition, they are small, the height at the withers is between 20 and 25 cm, and they weigh up to 3 kg. What is also characteristic is the long and shiny coat that often completely covers the dog’s face. Many owners therefore choose to raise the hair with a bow, thus getting it out of the face. At exhibitions they are also fans of the long and shiny coat and the Yorkie likes to show it off.

He enjoys good grooming.The dogs usually have a gray to black coat with light brown hairs around the face and legs. They have small, drooping ears that stand up when they hear a recognizable or interesting sound. They also have a small black nose and dark, friendly eyes. Furthermore, they have a small and hairy tail that is not always clearly visible because of the long locks. You only see the tail properly when they wag. The Yorkshire terrier shows his feelings through his tail: they waggle it fanatically when they feel good. By wagging the tail the dogs radiate much energy.


The care: the coat needs much attention

It is a small dog, but it needs a lot of care. Do not underestimate this.

The coat

Especially the coat needs a lot of attention, which provides energy. It is important to brush almost daily and check for tangles. This can take a lot of time, but fortunately the Yorkie enjoys it immensely. This makes brushing a pleasant chore.

It is also recommended to wash the coat regularly with dog shampoo to keep the coat shiny and supple. This makes brushing less time-consuming because the tangles are easier to remove. Further