12 worst dog breeds for allergies 

Allergic for dogs

Even though dogs are adorable, loyal and cuddly animals which many people love to have around, there are certain cases when this adds on a few complications. As much as dogs are lovely creatures, unfortunately they can also be a source of allergies. Showing teary eyes, sneezy noses or sprouting hives when hanging out with canines are some of the symptoms that can indicate an allergy. Nevertheless, not all dog breeds are the same.

There are some which tend to cause worse allergy symptoms than others, and there are even some dogs which, due to some particular characteristics of their breeds, are even considered to be hypoallergenic. Do you want to know more about the worst dog breeds for allergies? Read along to find out all about those dogs which are more prompt to make you sneeze if you are allergic! 


Which features of dogs can trigger the allergies? 

Many people believe that what usually triggers allergies to dogs are their furs. In this sense, it’s common to see that people who are prompt to have allergic reactions towards dogs choose certain breeds which have little hair and barely shed. Nevertheless, the truth is that the dog fur itself is not considered to be an allergen. 

The components which are the root causes of the allergies, then, tend to be related to the dog’s saliva, urine, or skin cells. Certain proteins found in these elements trigger the allergic reactions in some humans. As some of the dog’s saliva, urine and skin cells can also be found on the dog’s fur, this explains why it may seem as if the allergen was the fur in itself. Moreover, when dogs shed, they are also shedding the components of saliva, urine or skin cells. This is why the usual recommendation for people with allergies to dogs is to go for dog breeds which don’t shed a lot. 


Possible symptoms of dog allergy 

As we have mentioned above, there can be many different symptoms which could show that you are allergic to dogs. The way the body expresses an allergic reaction is different depending on every person. Overall, some of the main symptoms associated with dog allergies are the following: 

  • Rash 
  • Congestion 
  • Itchy or runny nose 
  • Watery and inflamed eyes 
  • Breath shortness 
  • Skin rash 
  • Coughing 
  • Sneezing 


Breeds that can make your allergies worse 

Do you feel identified with any of the symptoms mentioned above? If this is your case, it’s good to know that some dog breeds can be worse than others for those with allergic reactions