Why are dogs loyal? 5 most important reasons

Dog with elder owner

It is likely that you have heard before the popular saying that states that a dog is a human’s best friend. This famous belief is not just a random phrase. It is supported by the fact that, all around the world, humans and dogs have been forging wonderful and close bonds, sustained by loyalty. Most dogs like humans as much as most humans like dogs, and the friendships between them are heartwarming.  

There is nothing compared to the loyalty that a canine buddy can give you. Have you ever wondered why it is that dogs are so loyal? This is a question that has been analyzed by many dog lovers and dog experts, and the answer is diverse. Do you want to know more about the reasons behind the loyalty of furry friends? Read along to find out all you need to know about this! 


Loyalty: a human feature associated to canines 

As we mentioned above, it is widely known that dogs are very loyal animals. Thus, this feature is commonly associated with furry friends, and it is one of the things that humans most like about canines. Nevertheless, loyalty is a human feature, and it is also humans the ones who attribute this behavior to furry buddies. 

In this sense, loyalty per se does not exist as such in the dog world. What makes people believe that dogs are loyal has to do with certain attitudes and habits of dogs towards their human families that make them seem as loyal, in accordance to what we as humans understand that loyalty is. 

These attitudes that make dogs be considered loyal are very diverse, and vary according to the dog’s breed, the dog’s personality, the dog’s routine, and more. Next, we are going to explain to you in detail some of the main attitudes and habits that dogs have and that make them be considered as the loyal creatures that so many people believe they are! 


Different reasons why dogs are so loyal 

Dogs are considered to be very loyal animals for a wide variety of reasons. Most of them are actually related to particular habits, attitudes and behaviors that we, humans, tend to link to a sense of loyalty.  

Furthermore, the reasons why dogs are loyal are also connected to how the overall relations between dogs and humans usually are: strong, deep and real. Humans are very important to dogs, and they see in them a lot of features and attitudes that incite this sense of loyalty in them. In the next lines, we are going to mention five of the main reasons why dogs are loyal. 

Dog cuddling with owner

You make your dog happy 

Have you noticed how your dog jumps with joy when you come back home after a full day or work? Or how it enjoys so much just lying around with you on the couch while you watch TV or read a good book? As you may imagine, this happens because you make your dog happy just by being you and by being around him. Thus, just as your dog makes you happy, you bring happiness to him as well! For this reason, your dog will always be loyally there for you.  


Part of the pack 

Dogs are very social animals, and due to their genetics and their wolf ancestors, they carry with them pack instincts. This means that they will always aim to be in a group and that they will recognize their own pack when they see it. As your dog’s owner, you are a key part of his pack! And, as pack animals, dogs will always be loyal to whoever belongs to their group. Thus, your dog recognizes you as a key part of his pack, and is loyal to you because you belong together. 


Livelihoods provider 

As a dog owner, you surely understand that your dog depends on you to be fed, to drink water, to be medically healthy and to go for walks and play. This means that you are the livelihood provider of your furry buddy, and it is the reason why having a dog comes with such great responsibility.

Moreover, your dog also understands your role in his life in this regard, and