Turn Your Puppy Into The Perfect Dog

People have different opinions when it comes to raising the perfect dog. Everyone wants a perfect dog but is there such a dog? It is still possible to come across some really amazing dogs, so what does it take? Here at Online Dog World, we’ll show you how to turn your puppy into the perfect dog.

How To Turn Your Puppy Into The Perfect Dog

Before enrolling in a puppy school and visualizing your dog doing commando crawls, roly-polies and high-fives, take a moment to reflect if that is how a dream dog behaves. Do you want a perfect dog just to  show off to awestruck friends and relatives? After a while, the dog owner will be warning off people to stay away from the dog.

Most people spend too much effort and time focusing on teaching their dog commands such as sit and stay. Whereas there is nothing wrong with that, they forget to pay attention to some of the most important things. And when it is done, it is obviously too late to make any significant change in behaviour.

The main reason behind this is that most dog trainers copy what is being done by everyone else, which is training the dog to sit, stay, and down commands. It is like a flock of sheep which keep on following each other without really knowing the destination.

Before going any further, it is good to think about the following. Has a dog ever been euthanized because their sit was not properly done? Or because their stay was poor? The answer is no because very few people care about such things. Yet those are the things that are taught at puppy school.

How do I  Get Started?

The best way to get started is by understanding ideas and ways to train your puppy. It is not a good idea to rush into something without planning things out beforehand. Dogs prefer consistency and you should try and copy this. You should learn how to listen and pay attention to your dog. If your dog shows even the smallest sign of being uncomfortable in a situation, try not to push it any further. It is much better to take a step back and re-evaluate the situation at a later date.

When a you introduce your new puppy or dog into your home which already has other dogs, it should be given its own space. It can be allocated a new room or remove the other dogs from the house before introducing your new one. Dogs tend to be very territorial,  so by doing this you will be giving the new dog a bit more leverage, and hopefully this will make the older dogs less aggressive.

What About Advice From Friends And Family?

Friends and family are not professional dog trainers. Most of them will try to give opinions and advice on how your dog should be handled. It does not mean they are right or wrong. The best approach is for you to research their advice to prove its legitimacy. Your should train your dog to respond to both verbal commands and body language. This will give your dog the ability to handle different situations. A prime example is if your dog is approaching you on a busy highway. If your dog has been trained to respond to hand motions then it will most likely get through this situation much better than a dog which has only been trained to respond to verbal commands .

What About Training Sessions?

Training sessions should be scheduled one at a time. Too many of them at once will leave your dog confused and frustrated. This will slow down his learning process and lead to a poor outcome, and you will have wasted precious time. It requires a lot of patience for your dog to internalize all the lessons and learning. Therefore, concentrate on one skill at a time, wait until it’s been totally learned and understood and only then move on to the next one. The results will speak for themselves.

How Do I Deal With Aggression?

Most dogs are put to sleep because of their aggression, growling, barking, and challenging for no apparent reason. If your dog shows aggression towards children, strangers or even you, then it’s something to be taken very seriously. A dog that is out of control, pulls its owner along on its leash, ignores the owner and moves ahead of its owner is very dangerous. It poses danger to itself,  other dogs, and more importantly, cars.

Unfortunately very few dog trainers teach people how to prevent all this. The reason behind this being, that in many cases, they do not understand it either.

Most people visualise the perfect dog as one that shows the following important behaviours.

  • Calm around other animals including other dogs
  • Friendly towards people including kids
  • Obedient and relaxed around the home
  • Amazing at coming the moment it is called at the park
  • Does not give problems when walking on the leash

There is no perfect person out there. The same concept applies to dogs. In order to turn your puppy into the perfect dog, the correct type of training is required coupled with a lot of patience. 

Final Words

You can do what you’ve always done and get the same results you’ve always got, or do something different and get the results you’ve always dreamed of.

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