Train Your Puppy To Come When Called

It all sounds so simple in theory…You call your puppy and they come to your feet, then you reward them and that should be it. At Online Dog World, we’ll show you how to train your puppy to come when called.

For so many people though, it all goes pear-shaped and we end up chasing our dogs and puppies all over the park, shouting their name as they run away from us. Sometimes it seems like the only way to get your dog to come running is to get in the car and start the engine or wait until they finally get tired and want to go home.

The Secrets to Success

Yet it’s so easy to train a dog to come when called every time. Anyone can do it. Like anything though, you need to know the secrets to success…

You see the reason that it goes wrong is that there are some very simple and logical steps that have to be followed when training your puppy to come, or it can all turn to custard very quickly.

So here is one of the most important steps.

Do not chase your puppy!

That’s right. The last thing you do is chase your puppy if they do not come.

Sounds simple but so many people do it. It goes something like this.

You call your puppy and they run the other way so you move closer to them calling their name.

And that’s the big mistake ! You are now chasing your puppy. Yep it happens that quickly.

One minute you were training your puppy to come to you and the next minute you were chasing them.

First Option

So what are your options. Well the first to consider is keeping your puppy on a long line until you are sure that they will come. That’s it… pretty simple, right? If they are not going to come when you call them, then maybe you should not let them off.

Second Option

And the second option is understanding how to turn, walk away from your puppy and call them so that they then chase you!

This is perfectly demonstrated by Doggy Dan in the following video during a puppy class at the park.

Getting your puppy to chase you is so easy when you know how… as
you can see in the video it really works. No chasing, no screaming and
the puppies come running.

Unfortunately very few people are shown these steps at puppy class.

Final Words

Raising a puppy does not need to be difficult when you have the right
advice. If you are looking for help to training your puppy or stopping
unwanted dog behaviors then my recommendation is this…

Don’t waste any more time or money on other trainers or books. Get
real value for money and find a dog training method that works.

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