Most important tips for new dog owners

Puppy in grass field

Welcoming a dog to your life for the first time is an exciting and joyful experience. There’s nothing like the amazing feeling of knowing that you will share your life journey with a dog, which will accompany you and love you no matter what. Watching it grow, develop, play, go for walks, meet other dogs and other humans is all part of the wonderful experience of having a dog in your family. 

As much as having a dog can bring you happiness, it can also be quite a challenge, especially during the first weeks or months. Moreover, if this is your first dog, then you must have many questions and doubts! No worries, we are here to help. In this article we’re going to tell you all about the best tips and ideas to take into account if you are a new dog owner or are about to become one.  


Getting the gear ready 

There are a few indispensable items that you will want to get before your new puppy arrives. So, our first tip for you is: be sure to get all the things that your puppy will need so that, when it arrives, everything is settled. 

What are the main items that a new puppy-owner must have? To point out a few, this would be: a collar and an ID tag, water and food bowls, a few toys for the puppy to chew and play with, soft treats for training, a bed and a crate. 


It’s bedtime! 

Just like it happens with human babies, initially puppies don’t have fixed sleeping routines