Tips for dogs during the winter

Tips for dogs in the winter

The sun starts to hide earlier, wind blows strong and temperatures descend. Winter season has arrived! You might be more of a summer person or a winter person. Maybe you prefer spending time outside enjoying warm weather or maybe you are someone who loves the cosy heat of the fireplace. The same can happen to your dog! There are dogs which are very active and prefer outside activities, and those which just can’t get up from the couch.

Either way, when winter arrives, it’s important to take all the precautionary and protective measurements to take care of your dog and make sure that it stays safe and healthy during this time of the year.


It’s all about the fur!

As you know, there are dogs with different types of furs and hair. Those which have more prominent, thick hair, such as Huskies, Old English Sheepdogs or Shetland Sheepdogs, are safe with extra protection to keep warm and heated during times of cold temperatures. On the other hand, those dogs which have thin or shorter hair, as can be the cases of Pugs, hounds or Whippets, might need some extra protection to maintain their body temperatures.

For short-haired dogs, a good solution for winter times is to provide them with a sweater or coat that will keep them warm and cosy. Take into account that a good, functional coat or sweater should cover the dog from its neck to at least the base of the tail.

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