12 of the Strongest dog breeds

Strong dogs

Do you live on a farm far from civilization and would love to have a strong dog running on your property? Great! In this article we list different types of dogs and you will find out which strong dog is right for you. Dogs come in different shapes and sizes. When you decide to get a dog, you should have made a list of requirements beforehand.

If you live in an apartment a large dog can be very annoying. Are you looking for a real hunting dog with strength and stamina? Then take a look at the list below and who knows, maybe you will soon walk around with one of these bodybuilders as a pet. But remember: even these strong animals need love and attention.



This strong dog species is bred mainly in Germany and has its roots here. A German bailiff used his Dobermann as support during his tour of defaulters. Fair is Fair, this big and strong dog must have made people not want to delay their payments any longer. Despite the fact that this dog is known for its aggressiveness, if trained properly, it can certainly serve as a loyal companion dog.



Kangal (Anatolian Shepherd).

The Anatolian Shepherd, or Kangal, is a large dog that loves to run in the mountains. Its body is accustomed to extreme temperatures and functions just fine during a cold winter or hot summer. The Kangal is able to survive on its own and protects its pack when necessary.

Planning a long walk? No problem! The Kangal is not averse to a little extra exercise and is happy to walk with you. Do not be alarmed, some dogs become more than 90 pounds. A real beast, that you do not like to have hanging around your leg.

Kangal dog laying in grass


German Shepherd

Everyone knows him; the German Shepherd. This large dog, with pointed ears and a brown coat, can be recognized from miles away. A German Shepherd is loyal, smart and incredibly eager to learn. Looking for a strong dog, but you also have a small toddler crawling around? This breed of dog generally gets along well with children. A strong animal, with energy for ten.

In the past the German shepherd was mainly used to protect the sheep pack. Not to mention the biting power of this magnificent animal. Shepherds have a strong bite force, which they use to attack predators. The highest measured value is around 238 psi, which means that they can easily bite a bone in half.