Stop My Puppy Biting – The Biggest Mistake You’re Making

This is the most common mistake people make with puppy mouthing, chewing and biting. Read the advice from Online Dog World to help you with “Stop My Puppy Biting”.

After reading this you’ll probably never think of puppy training advice that you hear from others the same way. Hopefully you’ll look at it all through your puppy’s eyes and that is when you will start to understand them.

Right now, millions of puppies are being taught by their owners to gently mouth their fingers and hands. That’s right, we are training our puppies to do something that we then do not want them to do later on!

Oddly enough, that is the standard way that it is taught. Teach your puppy to mouth gently and then start telling them they are doing it too hard and then we teach them not to do it anymore and if they do, it’s the worst thing they could possibly do…

Confused? Sound complicated? Well, that’s because it is!

Don’t think you are alone. Most people are taught to do this, and so was I when I started dog training and yet there is a much easier way.

Is There An Easier Way?

The big difference is that we must start as we mean to go on! Sounds logical, and it is. Even your dog will appreciate that the rules don’t change as they grow up.

So here are the steps, somewhat simplified.

  • Always provide your puppy with chew toys, chew things (could be a piece of wood)
  • From the very start encourage your puppy to leave your fingers and clothes alone
  • If your puppy mouths you then redirect them calmly onto something else
  • If they continue to mouth you place them calmly on the floor and give a little yelp noise to let them know that their sharp teeth can hurt and move away
  • If they continue to mouth you or your clothes take them calmly and quietly and place them into timeout for a minute or so.

It’s simple and this is a far easier approach.

Now, there’s a couple of things to remember:

  1. First, when your puppy is only, say 8 weeks old, you should always  give them several chances if they do accidentally mouth you. It’s really around the 5 month old mark that you must no longer tolerate any mouthing at all…
  2. Also when you call your puppy to you, make sure that you have something in your hand to put in their mouth. If you don’t you are setting them up to fail. Humans give affection through our hands but puppies and dogs tend to use their mouths more so they need something to mouth when you are cuddling them!
  3. The last tip is simply this, when your puppy starts to mouth you and ignores your chew toy, stay calm and place them on the floor. Do not start beating your chest saying “No!” “No Bite” in your most superior voice. (Another very old school training technique). This will only get them more excited… that’s the last thing you need!

Final Words

Understanding your puppy is the key to developing an amazing relationship with them. When you’re able to see things through their eyes you’ll start to see how your actions make them feel.

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