Scottish shepherd dog, better known as ‘Lassie’ 

Scottish shepherd

Thanks to the popular movie and series about ‘Lassie,’ the Scottish shepherd dog is immensely loved by many. The sweet character of this dog matches its beautiful appearance. There are two different Collies, long-haired and short-haired. The long-haired is a bit more intensive in terms of grooming and has a slightly sweeter character. The short-haired Collie is more temperamental, but thanks to its short coat, it takes much less dirt and sand into the house. Discover even more fun facts about these wonderful and obedient dogs.  


The drovers of Scotland: The Scottish Shepherd Dog, or ‘Lassie’ 

These dogs come from Scotland. It could not be otherwise with the name Scottish Shepherd Dog. This breed of dog is also called a Collie. When Britain was occupied by the Romans in the period between 27 BC and 395 AD, sheep and goats regularly arrived by boat. These sheep were kept together by slaves and kindly brave short-haired dogs.

These dogs were crossed with dogs that had been brought earlier by the Romans. These were dogs with a double and thick coat, a coat that could withstand various weather conditions. These dogs also had to guard livestock. They were also called “circling dogs,” because they often went in a circle around the herd.

The crossing between these two breeds of dogs gave them a cooperative nature. In the centuries that followed, this dog, of which there was a short-haired and a long-haired one, was also crossed with other dogs, such as the Setters and the Barsoi. The dogs lost their work as trackers and gradually the long-haired Collie developed as a dog for winning beauty awards at shows.  

The long-haired collie was also used in the highlands of Scotland to herd the sheep. He had no guarding function because the wolf was already extinct in Scotland. The short-haired collie was used in the lowlands to herd cows. In doing so, the dog also had to protect the cows and owner from bandits. The temperament of the short-haired Collie was therefore somewhat fiercer than the easy-going long-haired Collie.

In the 1960s, the long-haired Collie became popular, thanks to the film adaptation of the book “Lassie come home” and the television series “Lassie. This made the dog hugely popular, which did not help the health of the breed. Fortunately, since the 1970s and 1980s, there has been a strict breeding policy, so the breed lost these health issues again.  

Scottish shepherd puppy

The ideal family dog that loves physical contact 

The Scottish shepherd dog loves contact with people. He prefers to be wherever his master is and seeks a lot of physical contact. So, a Collie likes to lie against your legs, or on your feet. So, watch out while cooking; your Scottish Shepherd Dog may just lie behind you. Collies are athletic.

So, when you challenge him enough physically and mentally, he will be calm and quiet at home. They are not demolishers, nor do they easily destroy toys of their own. The hunting instinct of these dogs is minimal. He enjoys running after a rabbit or bird. Is the animal out of sight? Then you can call him back with ease.  

Collies are social, happy dogs that get along easily with other animals and people, if you socialize him well and early on. The Scottish shepherd dog also gets along well with other dogs. They do not seek quarrels and prefer to avoid confrontations. However, he does not let them walk over him and in his own territory he is also a bit fiercer than outside it. You can easily keep this dog breed with several dogs. They like to crawl together in the basket and take care of each other. Although this dog breed has a weather-resistant coat, most prefer not to go outside when it rains.  

These dogs also go well with children. He senses moods and if a child is sad, the Collie will come and comfort him. Do watch your Scottish Shepherd with children running around and friends playing. This breed of dog tends to get excited by running children and sees it as his chance to bring the herd in line. They are also protective of the children in their own family. These dogs are not easily nervous or aggressive.  


Scottish shepherd dog is a medium-sized dog with pointed muzzle 

The Scottish shepherd dog comes in two varieties: short-haired and long-haired. The latter is the best known. The coat of these dogs is long and dense with a full collar and tail. A short-haired Collie has a short, flat-lying coat and its outer coat has a hard texture. The body of these dogs is long rather than tall. This dog breed wears their tail hanging, with the tip bent slightly upward.

The head of the Scottish shepherd dog is blunt and shaped like a wedge. The head is gradually narrowed toward