Saluki: an elegant hunting dog

Saluki hondenras in een bos

The Saluki is an elegant and graceful hunter. This dog breed originated in the Middle East and was considered a status symbol there. This was partly due to its elegant appearance. The coat of a Saluki is silky and smooth. Its body is in proportion. It is a quiet dog that is affectionate and devoted to its owner.

The Saluki can be stubborn; therefore it needs a friendly and consistent upbringing. This dog breed can adapt well to different situations and living environments. It is important that he can use his energy. Are you curious and would you like to know more about the Saluki? Then read this article!


History: an ancient breed from Iran

The Saluki is one of the oldest purebred dogs and dates back to ancient times. It is also called the Persian greyhound and originally comes from Iran. There, this dog breed was used as a hunting dog by nomadic peoples in the desert. Because these peoples lived in many different places, the Saluki was spread over areas from the Caspian Sea to the Sahara.

The Saluki may have been a status symbol in the past. Indeed, in Egypt, the nobility used this dog to exude power. In addition to being a hunting dog, the Saluki was also a companion dog. People never bought a Saluki but received the dog as a gift from family or friends. In Egypt, the Saluki was mummified after his death. Many of these mummies were later found. In ancient times, the Saluki was found only in the Middle East. It was not until around the nineteenth century that this dog breed first came to the West, where it grew into a popular show dog.


The character: quiet, loyal and funny

The Saluki is an intelligent and calm dog. This dog breed has a sense of humor and is very curious. The Saluki is a loyal and affectionate dog to its owner. In his loyalty this dog breed really excels. Towards strangers he is reserved and hesitant. He has a quiet character and can adapt well to the people and animals around him. A Saluki can also adapt well to the environment. At home it is a quiet dog that enjoys the attention of his owner and naps in his doggy basket. Despite the fact that he is quiet in the house, it is important that he gets enough time to move and to use his energy.

The Saluki does not like to be left alone. It is important that you leave him home alone as little as possible. If you know that your Saluki will be home alone for a longer period of time, you should slowly get him used to it. However, we do not recommend getting a dog if you do not have enough time for it.

A Saluki gets along well with children. It is important to get the dog and children used to each other in an early stage and to always keep an eye on them as a parent. It is not wise to leave a dog alone with young children. Even if you have other pets, it is important that the animals get used to each other. Socializing with humans and animals is something that requires a lot of attention, especially in the first months of a dog’s life.

Saluki in grasveld

The appearance of a Saluki

The Saluki is a medium-sized dog and has an elegant an