Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog: full guide

Roemeens Karpatische herdershond staand

The Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog is a loyal and fanatical shepherd dog that is ideally suited to work with. The name comes from the area where this breed originates, namely the Carpathian area in Romania. This area is very hilly and has long been inhabited by Romanian shepherds who keep sheep or flocks in cooperation with this dog breed.

The Romanian Carpathian shepherd dog is a very loyal and fanatical shepherd dog, walking faithfully alongside the Romanian farmer for many years. You don’t often find this breed of dog outside of Romania, which makes it all the more fun to read about it. Would you like to learn more about this breed of dog? Then read on below.


History: loyalty to their owner and origin

The Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog comes from the east of Romania and it is claimed that this dog breed is descended from the Molosser. This dog breed is known to have fought in ancient Greece. Similarities between the two dogs include the fact that they are unafraid and therefore ideally suited to keep the livestock together in the rugged landscape of eastern Romania. In the thirties of the last century action was taken to preserve this dog breed and at the beginning of this century this succeeded.  It is remarkable that you hardly find this breed in other countries than Romania.


The character: brave and reliable

The character of the Carpathian shepherd dog is similar to most shepherd dogs. Imagine that you are a shepherd in eastern Romania and there are all sorts of dangers lurking around that want to eat your livestock. You then need an open-minded and courageous dog that will not shy away from a possible collision. The Romanian Carpathian shepherd dog is exactly the dog you want at your side. Should you want him as a pet and you happen not to live in the East of Romania and you are not a shepherd either, then it is good to know that besides being very brave this dog is also very reliable.

It is a real children’s friend and it is a dog that can really be cuddled with. However, it is not a fan of strangers and therefore it will take some time for him to get used to all your friends. But when this is the case, you will only be happy about this. The Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog does not like to play very much, but it does need a lot of exercise, so try to go outside together as much as possible.