Puppy Training Secrets

One of the most common mistakes many dog owners make is punishing the puppy during training. However, the fact is that doing such a thing can be counterproductive to puppy training efforts. When puppy owners understand this, they will always be very careful before they consider puppy training advice that is given by others. You will only start to understand puppies when you start looking things through the puppy’s perspective. At Online Dog World, we’ll give you some Puppy Training Secrets.

So, What Are The Puppy Training Secrets?

Currently, there are a lot of puppies out there being taught by their owners to mouth their fingers and hands gently. The puppies are being taught something that they should not do later on, which is correct. However, that is the standard form of training that many puppy owners receive. The puppy is taught to mouth and bite gently. Before, long, the owner realizes the puppy is mouthing too hard and decides to stop the training altogether. If they attempt to do it after they have been told to stop, they the puppy will have committed the worst ever mistake and they might end up being punished for it.

Train Your Puppy The Right Way

It is people who make it complicated. The best approach to make sure that the puppy learns well is to have patience and be determined to finish the puppy training. It is not something that can happen in a single day or week. A lot of people give up along the way and the whole training goes to waste. However, this is not an isolated case. It is what most people are taught in those puppy training schools. The good news is that there is a simpler way to train puppies how to mouth properly.

Simplified Steps

The puppy should always be provided with chew toys and things to chew such as a piece of wood. It should be taught right from the start not to chew on fingers or clothes. If the puppy shows tendencies to chew on a person or clothes, it should be calmly redirected to something else especially a chew toy. If they do not stop chewing on the hands or clothes, they should be placed on the floor calmly and given a little yap noise. This will let them know that their teeth are sharp and they can hurt someone.

A Better Approach

As much as it sounds simple, there are few things to always keep in mind.

  • The first thing is when the puppy is around 8 weeks old; a lot of patience is needed. They should be given more chances when they accidentally bite or chew the wrong object accidentally. However, any mouthing should not be tolerated at all when they are five months old. At this age and beyond, if any negative behavior is tolerated, it becomes very hard to teach the puppies positive behavior. It is much easier to teach a young dog than an old dog.
  • Secondly, when the puppy is called towards the owner, they should always have something in their hands to give the puppy to mouth. If this does not happen, then there are very high chances of failure. Human beings tend to show affection through the hands while puppies have a tendency of using their mouths more. Therefore, they should be given something to mouth when they are being cuddled. Such display of affection will make the puppy fond of the owner and the training becomes even much easier.
  • Finally, another very important tip to remember is that when the puppy starts mouthing at the person and ignores the chew toys, the owner should remain calm and place the puppy on the floor. Getting mad over the puppy and starting to shout at them will only make the situation worse. The puppy will start getting excited and that is not something needed at such a situation. In fact, it is the old school way of doing things. As indicated earlier, a lot of patience is needed.


In order to develop a meaningful relationship with the puppy, the most important thing is to understand them. Empathizing with them will make the puppy owner realize how their actions make the puppy feel. Puppy owners should also demonstrate a high level of patience with their puppies if the training is to be effective. Training puppies how to properly mouth will be much easier and straight forward.

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