List of herding dog breeds (+ character description)

Australian Shepherd 

The function of herding dog breeds was one of the first functions developed by humans during the domesticizing process of this animal. Herding dog breeds are usually described as intelligent, affectionate and energetic and these adjectives are not wrong! They are of the most popular breeds in the world as they express purpose of herding livestock and they are extremely loyal and dedicated to their owners.

Another adjective that well describes them is athletics as they have a lot of energies. This fact is important to take into consideration when thinking about adopting one of these dogs as they require a high mental and physical stimulation. If they are not given the proper amount, they can develop problematic behaviours. They are meant to have owners that have a lot of time, dedication and space! Here are the best 12 working and athletic runners! 


Australian cattle dog

The first in our list is the Australian cattle dog which is a small and highly athletic dog. They were used and still nowadays in Australia to drive and herd cattle on the massive ranches. They can run for hours