Kai: full dog breed information

Kai rennend

The Kai is one of the six native Japanese dog breeds and was discovered in 1929 in the mountains around Yamanashi. Today, this primitive dog is also suitable as a companion animal. It is a loyal, friendly and protective dog. These character traits he shows especially with his family. Towards strangers the Kai is reserved and alert. It is therefore a good watchdog. The Kai has a beautiful coat and is therefore sometimes compared to a tiger. Like a tiger, this dog has a hunting instinct. Would you like to learn more about this rare dog breed? Then read this article for more information!


History: one of Japan’s six indigenous dog breeds

The Kai, also known as Kai Ken, is native to Japan and was discovered in 1929. This dog was used as a hunting dog and originated from mountain areas around Fuji and Yamanashi. The Kai helped the hunters here hunt big game, such as boars, deer and bears. In fact, this breed is a great climber and can run quickly through the forests and mountains.

At the time, this breed of dog was too primitive to function as a pet. But today, this dog is a lot gentler and can also be kept as a companion animal. In 1950, the first Kai was brought to the United States by the US military. From there the breed has been further bred with. This dog breed is very popular in Japan and is considered as a rare breed.


The character: loyal, intelligent and brave

The character of a Kai is not always easy. A Kai is intelligent and eager to learn, but at the same time he can be stubborn. He is independent and can be hard on himself. Nowadays the Kai is milder than his primitive ancestors though, he is less independent than he used to be and he is