How To Train A Dominant Dog

Have you ever been in the situation where you are taking your dog out for a walk. You are quite happily walking along the road when you see another dog coming? It’s happened before and once again you are in the same situation. Your loving but dog is going to try to dominate the other dog by leaving their mark on yet another dog. And, so far, you’ve no idea how bad the situation could get, let alone control it. Here at Online Dog World, we’ll show you how to train a dominant dog.

How Does A Dominant Dog Behave?

Even though the other dog is on a leash you know you there is going to be a problem if they come too close. You start to look for possible ways to avoid the situation. Unfortunately, there is nowhere to go.

Your dog starts pulling like on the leash like crazy and the hair on his neck and back is starting to rise. You have already tried everything to stop this behavior. Everything from  tugging on the leash, perhaps tried a choke collar to distracting your dog with food. Nothing has made the slightest bit of difference. Now the only thing left for you to do is try to keep them separate at all costs. You’re beginning to give up all hope.

Why Is My Dog Dominant?

The thing that so many dog owners and trainers don’t seem to understand. If you’ve been giving your dog the wrong signals in your home then it’s too late at the point when you meet another dog on the street to turn the situation around.

The fact is that dogs are simple animals. They’re simply not interested in big TVs, fast cars or their next holiday. First and foremost, they are about survival. They are all about protecting their property and their pack, especially when they are outside.

Your Dog Is A Pack Animal

Now, think about it. Dogs are pack animals in that they understand that there are leaders and there are followers. The leaders are the ones who decide what is dangerous and take the initiative protecting the pack.

So it is not difficult to understand what is happening when you walk your dog along the road and meet another strange dog. Your dog thinks that he is the pack leader. He will approach the strange dog, chest-up, head-up, tail-up and will try to get them to back down. This is when it all goes pear-shaped.

Show Your Dog That You Are Pack Leader

The problem started because you have been giving your dog the message that he is in charge. You are telling him that he is the Pack Leader in your home.

This is where this training method is so effective. You completely understand how to show dogs that you’re the pack leader. YOU can solve the problem by becoming the pack leader do all of that in a very simple way.

What’s really impressive about Dan’s training is that he does it in such a kind and gentle way. And its very simple, he uses 5 Golden Rules.

You can see for yourself Doggy Dan’s pack around other dogs. They do not overplay their role because they all know that he is the pack leader and so they relax.

All dogs are different. Some dogs are naturally more dominant than others, and some are more submissive. It doesn’t really matter what kind your dog is. The secret is that YOU need to be the Pack Leader. Once you have establish this, you will find all the other training will start to work. Any one of the following training tricks will work.

5 Top Effective Training Tricks

Doggy Dan has some great training tricks that I want to share with you. They will help you achieve a sense of calm in your dog as the other strange dogs approach. However, you must remember that the pack leader foundation HAS to be in place first.

  • Food distractions
    This approach can really work with some food hounds! The key is to use it as a distraction. Do not reward your dog after they have lunged towards the oncoming dog. Use special treats rather than his usual biscuits.
  • Take it slowly
    Do not expect miracles overnight. Often pushing things too fast will result in it going wrong. Going slowly will build confidence.
  • Master the walk
    Make sure that when walking your dog you have control before you meet another oncoming dog. If you need to consider a device other than a flat collar to achieve this then you should do so.
  • Stay focused on what you want
    It’s easy to get complacent with your dog’s behavior. You need to continue to show your dog exactly how you want him to behave.
  • Be ready to step in
    Stay focused and be ready to step in and quickly to guide your dog away or gently tug or correct them. Once you’ve done this remember to relax immediately afterwards.

You Are The Top Dog

One of the things that I love about this whole method is that it works with your dog’s natural instincts.

For example, it’s natural that one dog will sank above another. This is only natural and you can’t take that out of dogs. However, by positioning yourself as the pack leader, he will be less likely to become protective, tense, dominant or take things too far.

Final Words

Remember that trying to deal with the problem when you see the other dog approaching is always going to be too late. It’s about sorting out the real cause of the issue that will turn things around. Your dog is just waiting for you to give them the right messages.

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