How To Stop Your Dog Pulling On The Leash

Most dog owners have had weak or sore shoulders from their dogs constantly pulling on the leash. Many people endure walking with their dogs, instead of enjoying the moment. Instead of going through all that strain, Online Dog World can show you how to stop your dog pulling on the leash. This should prove to be much more enjoyable, and stress free.

So why not train your dog to walk by your side without pulling once, and then enjoy every walk without any hassle!

How To Stop Your Dog Pulling On The Leash

As with most things worth mastering it can take a little time, but not always. Sometimes it can be a 5 minute turnaround.

Walking the dog is not complicated. However, there are some major mistakes that people make when walking their dog.  There are some tricks to be learned which will enable you to walk your dog on the leash in such a way that they walk alongside you without creating problems. Since dogs come in all sizes, from big to small, it is important to learn the tricks before mastering how to specifically walk your dog.

Keep Your Dog Calm

This is one of the most important things to remember. If your dog is ‘charged up’ and over excited the moment he is outside your front gate, then he is going to be very hard to walk on the leash. The bottom line is that keeping your dog calm is going to promote a mutual relationship between you and your dog that is not antagonistic.

There are several ways to keep your dog calm. One of the most prominent ways is to consider the activities that happen before stepping out on the street to walk your dog. When they see the leash and they suddenly start tail wagging, jumping up and down and moving around demanding the leash, then simply putting the leash on them will leave them feeling more excited.

The reasoning behind this is simple. Their excited behaviour is being rewarded with a leash. This behaviour becomes extreme. Instead of calming down, your dog becomes even more excited. A similar thing happens when your dog drags you towards the front door. First, you are rewarding their rowdy behavior and secondly, your dog gets its way in determining where he should be taken. His excitement levels are slowly building up. By the time he hits the street, he is beyond the tipping point.

Next Time You Take Your Dog For A Walk

Therefore, the next time your dog is being taken for a walk, it is advisable to let him calm down first. If he sees the leash and starts getting excited, then the leash should be put away until he calms down. This may take quite some time, or even several attempts, but he will eventually calm down. The process should be repeated until such time as the leash can be attached while he remains calm.

The procedure should be continued when out on the path ready  to begin your walk. It can be done in two ways:

  • You can wait until your dog becomes calm on the leash before proceeding 
  • By removing the leash, and postponing the walk for a short while.

It may seem like a slow and tedious process. However, it is better to have this sorted out now, rather than getting dragged in the streets for the foreseeable future. The second step is a simple exercise that involves turning around every time the dog pulls ahead.

Change Direction

Before starting the walk, observe the direction which your dog is trying to take. If he heads right, then you should head left. This should be repeated until your dog starts to notice something different is happening. You should do this  immediately, before your dog has had time to get into full pulling-mode. When this exercise is done, your dog will always end up behind, or alongside you. Again, it will take some time but he will eventually get used to it.

Choose an Appropriate Device

Look around for some devices that can help in teaching your dog. There are some special types of harness which are different from the traditional ones. Some have an attachment that is under the chin of your dog. This is contrary to a traditional harness which has the attachment on the back. These are usually referred to as front-leading, no-pull dog harness. Therefore, your dog ends up feeling as if it is pulling a cart.

Do not Forget the Pack Leader Leads

Dogs are pack animals. During the walk the leader of the pack should be at the front. Therefore, if your dog does not view you as the leader of the pack, he will always be fighting to take that position. Contrary to what some dog owners think, it is not possible to fool a dog. This is even much more difficult when it comes to the strong minded ones. Learning to become the pack leader is a topic that requires a deeper understanding.

According to Doggy Dan, who is a world famous dog trainer, there are five golden rules. If these rules are followed daily and religiously, it is easy to become the leader of the pack in a gentle way. Therefore, before any training is done, you need to establish yourself as the pack leader. These five rules are very important and will help in solving most of the problems associated with the behaviour of your dog.

Steps to becoming the pack leader

  • Praising your dog well, warmly and quickly
    This can be done by hugging your dog or putting your hands firmly on your dog
  • Reprimanding fairly and quickly
    A hands-on approach is the most appropriate. This can include a leash correction, a collar shake etc. When your dog has done exactly what is expected, then he should be rewarded
  • Giving commands that can be followed through
  • Giving permission
    Your dog should only be given freedom if he shows signs of better behaviour
  • Denying permission
    Your dog should be closely monitored and taught some manners. He should always wait for permission before doing anything
  • Fair but tough

As earlier mentioned, there are a host of other tricks and tips such as knowing when and how to give the leash a small pull without over doing it. Understanding where and when to give your dog freedom to roam is also important. Basically, that is the reason behind taking your dog for a walk in the first place.

How Do I Master The Walk?

Everybody wants to enjoy their dog and that includes walking them, so don’t put up with it any longer. And remember your dog will also be glad when the pulling stops and they can walk calmly by your side.

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