The Greyhound: Character description

Twee Greyhound honden in het bos

The Greyhound is one of the oldest breeds in the world. In fact, the Greyhound is the oldest greyhound in the world. This breed has a very rich history and is known for its speed and unique eyesight. The Greyhound is muscular and ideal for dog sports. He fits reasonably well within a family, only there are a few points to consider. Do you want to know what these points are? Then read this article.


The history of the Greyhound

More than 5000 years ago there were already murals made about this breed. This breed was very popular among pharaohs and was really a dog for people of nobility. About 400 years before Christ the breed was taken to England and Ireland. Again, the nobility was interested in this breed and therefore this breed was only kept by people of nobility. Years later, this breed was used in various sports. Even now this breed is known for its sporting character and strong body.


The character of the Greyhound: friendly and intelligent

The Greyhound is a very friendly dog, despite his somewhat powerful impression. The Greyhound gets along well with people. With cats he is less good friends, this also applies to other pets. The possibilities are there, but then a Greyhound must have been in contact with other animals living in the house from an early age. The character of the Greyhound ensures that extra attention is needed during education.

When a Greyhound sees something running away he naturally wants to chase it. With the proper training it is easier to get control over this. The Greyhound is a fairly quiet bree