Greenland dog: sled dog from Greenland

Groenlandse hond met puppy´s

As the name suggests, the Greenland dog comes from Greenland. The Greenland dog is a hard worker used as a sled dog in the Arctic. It is a friendly, boisterous and independent dog. The Greenland dog prefers to live with its own kind in larger groups. Due to its character, this dog breed is less suitable as a family dog.

He is not very attached to people, but is friendly. They need a lot of exercise and are difficult to raise. But if they have had a proper socialization, they grow into obedient dogs that like to work hard. Are you curious and would you like to know more about the Greenland dog? Then read on!


History: one of the oldest breeds in the world

The Greenland dog, also called Eskimo dog, is a breed of dog that belongs to the spitz dogs. It is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. In fact, this breed arrived in Greenland about 5,000 years ago. Originally, this sled dog comes from the Scandinavian area.

This dog breed was used as a sled dog and pulled the sled during long trips. The Greenland dog was also used as a hunting dog. In fact, it was a powerful dog that could help the Inuit tribe in hunting polar bears, among others. As you can imagine, the Greenland dogs lived in harsh conditions during this time. Only the strongest and healthiest dogs survived these arduous journeys. These dogs were further bred with, so that a strong and robust breed of dog remained.


The character: friendly, independent and energetic

The Greenland dog is a real working dog and is not suitable as a family dog. With proper socialization, he will be friendly towards his owner and other people and children. But because the Greenland dog is independent and confident, he does not easily attach to people. In addition, he has an enormous amount of energy. If this dog does not get enough exercise, he will be unhappy. In an apartment with little space he will not feel at ease. This breed prefers to live in a cold climate and needs a lot of space to feel at ease.

The Greenland dog is not a watchdog. However, he does have a natural hunting instinct. Therefore, he must be well socialized with other animals. A Greenland dog does get along very well with other sled dogs. This dog breed therefore likes to live in larger groups and finds it difficult to be alone.

Groenlandse puppy´s

The appearance of a Greenland dog

The Greenland dog is a robust dog and has a powerful and imposing appearance. A male dog has a height at the withers of at least 60 centimeters. A bitch has a height at the withers of at least 55 centimeters. The Greenland dog can reach a maximum height of 65 centimeters. On average, this dog breed weighs between 30 and 40 pounds. A male dog is usually heavier than a female.

The build of a Greenland dog is sturdy and muscular. The torso is longer than the shoulder height. The legs are strong and balanced with the body. The tail is curled and carried over the back. The head is slightly domed and is wider between the ears. The ears are erect and are triangular