Gos d’Atura: the alert and brave shepherd

Gos d'Atura outside

Nowadays, the Spanish shepherd dog Gos d’Atura, also called the Catalan Sheepdog, is not necessarily used for farmers anymore. In a family with children, this dog also fits perfectly. However, there are a few things to take into account when you want to bring this dog breed into your home.

For example, this dog is energetic, vocal, very eager to learn and it also has a special body characteristic. Want to know what these are and whether this dog breed suits you? Then read everything you need to know about the Catalan shepherd here.  


From shepherd to Spanish police dog: the history of the Catalan shepherd 

The Gos d’Atura comes from Spain, from Catalonia to be precise. Hence its name: Catalan shepherd. It is believed that this breed was brought to Spain by the Romans thousands of years ago. These dogs were then used to guard and herd livestock. It is likely that this dog breed descended from a type of Pyrenean Mountain dog.

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