Gos d’Atura: the alert and brave shepherd

Gos d'Atura outside

Nowadays, the Spanish shepherd dog Gos d’Atura, also called the Catalan Sheepdog, is not necessarily used for farmers anymore. In a family with children, this dog also fits perfectly. However, there are a few things to take into account when you want to bring this dog breed into your home.

For example, this dog is energetic, vocal, very eager to learn and it also has a special body characteristic. Want to know what these are and whether this dog breed suits you? Then read everything you need to know about the Catalan shepherd here.  


From shepherd to Spanish police dog: the history of the Catalan shepherd 

The Gos d’Atura comes from Spain, from Catalonia to be precise. Hence its name: Catalan shepherd. It is believed that this breed was brought to Spain by the Romans thousands of years ago. These dogs were then used to guard and herd livestock. It is likely that this dog breed descended from a type of Pyrenean Mountain dog.

During the First and Second World Wars, the Gos d’Atura were given a different role: they then served as guard and courier dogs. Today, Spaniards use the Catalan shepherd as a police dog for search and rescue operations. In the 1970s it seemed for a while that the breed would slowly die out. Fortunately, thanks to a special breeding program, the dog breed has been preserved.  


Gos d’Atura is a cheerful family dog 

Originally, the Gos d’Atura is a working dog. He is inquisitive, intelligent and has a lot of courage. With tons of energy, this dog breed is tireless. Although these dogs are certainly not hyper or busy in the house. In some cases, the Catalan Shepherd is somewhat reserved toward strangers.

In general, though, they are cheerful and curious dogs. In addition, you have a real watchdog in the house with this breed. He is alert, brave and likes to keep watch for you. In addition, these dogs bark at the slightest thing. So whether he sees a burglar, or a little bird: he will bark.  

Only if you already socialize the Gos d’Atura as a puppy will he get along well with other pets. In fact, by nature this dog is very territorial and is therefore not so easy to deal with other animals. Thus, it is not wise to introduce a new pet, be it a cat or dog, into the household at a later age. This shepherd tends to chase anything that runs away. 

Do you have a family with children? In general, the Catalan shepherd lives in harmony with all housemates. So also, with children. However, he does tend to protect children from the family. So, watch your dog carefully when your children’s friends come to play. During the children’s boisterous play, your dog may try to protect your children from “dangerous friends. In general, this shepherd dog does not really have the urge to herd housemates. So that’s another advantage with children. This makes these dogs a great fit in a family, especially if you introduce him to your children and other pets as a puppy.  

Gos d'Atura

Notable feature about this dog breed: the Hubertus claw 

The Gos d’Atura is a medium-sized dog. His coat is long and smooth or rough and curly. His ears are planted high on his head and lie flat on his head. The tail of the Catalan shepherd does not curl over his back and is low-set. His tail can be long, or congenitally short.

The coat of this breed is fawn, tan, gray or sable. Special features of this dog breed are the double Hubert claws. This is a type of fifth toe that is passed on to offspring as an inherited defect. The shoulder height of these dogs is between 17 and 21 inches and they weigh between 40 and 60 pounds. 


The shaggy coat of the Gos d’Atura requires proper grooming 

When you see the Gos d’Atura, expect to have to spend a lot of time grooming it. His shaggy appearance may remain shaggy, but you should comb it two to four times a month with a coarse comb. In order to remove dead hairs. This will keep his coat in good condition. Are you not doing this? Then the dead hair that falls out will tangle and eventually molt.

When the tangles cannot be combed out, it is best to cut the tangles out of his coat. Around the genitals and his butt, it is also smart to cut away the long hair, otherwise his feces will get stuck in here. Of course, you can