Dutch Shepherd Dog: Breed information & Pictures

Hollandse herders puppy´s in het gras

The Dutch Shepherd Dog is a well known dog in the Dutch society. We do not only see this breed in the living room, but it also fulfills other functions such as police dog and guide dog. There are three different types, the short-haired Dutch Shepherd Dog, the rough-haired Dutch Shepherd Dog and the long-haired Dutch Shepherd Dog. They were originally bred to perform farming tasks in the countryside of the Netherlands but can now be found in the everyday household. Want to learn more about this breed? Then read on below.



Dutch shepherd dog is a Dutch breed that is not often found outside Dutch borders. This breed has been transformed from a shepherd dog to a true all-rounder for the past 120 years. As indicated earlier, this dog is also used as, for example, a police dog and an escort. But its origin can be traced back to 1898. Due to the change of the landscape in the Netherlands, they went from farmland with small villages to big cities and a lot of industry, the role of the Dutch Shepherd Dog has also changed.


 A watchful family dog

The Dutch Shepherd Dog is a dog that fits in well with family life. In the past this dog was always used for farm work, but it is also a watchful dog that pays close attention to what happens in its territory. Should an unknown person pass by, the farmer would find out through his faithful four-legged friend. This also applies if something happens to the children, a real family dog.

Like other sheepdogs, this breed is very energetic, this is because the Dutch Shepherd used to roam freely over the farmer’s yard and there was always enough space to let off steam. In addition, this breed is good with children and has a natural vigilance in it, typically that graces the Dutch Shepherd Dog.

In addition to being a family dog, this dog can also perform tasks very well independently. The Dutch Shepherd Dog does not like to sit still and this can also have a bad influence on his behaviour. Try to give your dog as many tasks as possible that he can do independently, your dog will only appreciate this.

Hollandse herdershond tussen bloemen

The appearance of the Dutch Shepherd Dog

The Dutch Shepherd Dog grows to 55 to 62 centimeters in height, measured from the shoulders and weighs around 30 kilograms. It belongs to the large dog breeds and has a grey or black coat, this can also be a combination of both. As indi