Dog breeds

French dog

The 10 most Popular French dog breeds 

Without doubt, France is a country recognized internationally for its culture, architecture and gastronomy. However, we cannot forget the number of dog breeds that are originally from their territory. Nowadays, we can find more than

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Chow chow with black tongue

6 Dog breeds with black tongues 

Dogs are amazing animals, and they have many particular features that make them very special. There are a lot of different dog breeds, and each of them have certain physical aspects that identify them. Some

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Allergic for dogs

12 worst dog breeds for allergies 

Even though dogs are adorable, loyal and cuddly animals which many people love to have around, there are certain cases when this adds on a few complications. As much as dogs are lovely creatures, unfortunately

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Saluki hondenras in een bos

Saluki: an elegant hunting dog

The Saluki is an elegant and graceful hunter. This dog breed originated in the Middle East and was considered a status symbol there. This was partly due to its elegant appearance. The coat of a

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