6 Dog breeds with black tongues 

Chow chow with black tongue

Dogs are amazing animals, and they have many particular features that make them very special. There are a lot of different dog breeds, and each of them have certain physical aspects that identify them. Some breeds are characterized by being small, some others by having long fur, and some others for the size of their ears.  

Among all these features, there is one that is often overlooked: the color of the tongue. Did you know that some dogs have black tongues? Indeed, there is more than the classic pink tongue in canine buddies. Do you want to know all about some of the most popular dog breeds with black tongues? Read along to find out more about them! 


Why do some dogs have black tongues? 

Before we introduce the most popular dog breeds with black tongues, we want to tell you all about the main reasons which explain why some dogs have black tongues. When thinking about dogs with black tongues, it is not always a condition that the whole of the tongue is black. Usually what happens is that the dog presents some black spots on the tongue, or that some sections of the tongue are black. 

This happens because of heavy pigmentation. In this sense, dogs which have a genetic predisposition to display strong pigmentation