12 Dog breeds are similar to German shepherds

German Shepherd

The German shepherd dog, who doesn’t know this beautiful breed? Even if you are not a dog lover you are familiar with this sturdy and imposing breed. The German shepherd is one of the most popular breeds in the world.

Even in the media, people know that the German shepherd impresses the viewer. In many movies or TV series dogs play an important role, and regularly this role is given to a German shepherd. Just think of the popular TV series “Commissioner Rex”. In this Austrian series a shepherd played the lead role. And do you know Stefan? This German shepherd played an important role in the 70s in the TV hit “Diary of a Shepherd Dog”. Shepherd “Snuf” went one step further: First he became known through a popular book series. Later, films were made about him as well.


Choosing a German Shepherd or similar breed

So, what makes the German shepherd such a popular breed with many? Not only its tough appearance plays a role, but also the great character traits of this breed stand out. German shepherds are brave, loyal, watchful and obedient. In addition, he is social and has a great learning ability. All this makes him a beloved house and working dog.

The popularity of the German shepherd can also be seen in breeds that have many similarities. These breeds may have many external similarities or a similar character. These are often breeds that have be