Cockapoo: Everything about this Dog Breed

Cockapoo in grasveld

The Cockapoo is a cross between the Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. It is a dog known for its loving nature and this breed really loves to spend time together with its owners, preferably as much as possible. The Cockapoo was initially developed by American breeders with the aim of creating a real companion dog which they certainly succeeded in doing.

Besides that this type of dog is popular in America, it is also gaining popularity in the Netherlands and surrounding areas, but it is still a relatively unknown dog breed in the Netherlands. Would you like to know more about this breed of dog? Then read on below.


History: from American brokerage

Around the 1960s there was an increasing demand in the United States for small loving dog breeds. It was also important that the dog breed was healthy with few medical conditions, they wanted to do this through hybrid growth. This ensures that the characteristics of the parents are surpassed and you only keep the good characteristics.


The character: bred for love

The Cockapoo is a dog with an enormous loving character. This is not surprising since this was an important aspect for the breeders to start breeding this dog in the first place. It does not matter to the Cockapoo whether you are young or old, and if you give your Cockapoo time he will also get used to all kinds of animals. The only thing that is really important in the eyes of your Cockapoo is that he gets enough attention from his owner. Occasionally there can be some jealousy, but that will soon go away when you give him some attention again.

Cockapoo close up

The appearance of the Cockapoo

Depending on the type of Cockapoo you own, the appearance is different. For example, there are three different types of Cockapoo, namely the standard, toy and miniature. The standard Cockapoo is the largest and heaviest; he is about 38 inches high and can weigh up to 10 pounds. Compare this to the Cockapoo Toy which grows to 25 centimeters in height and weighs only 5 kilograms. This leaves the Cockapoo miniature which is a bit in between, it grows to 28 to 35 centimeters in height and can weigh between 6 and 9 kilograms.

The Cockapoo comes in many different colors such as gray, white, black or dark brown. Especially the latter is a popular color among owners. A Cockapoo can reach an age of 14 to 15 years, making it one of the oldest dog breeds available. The coat is generally the same and consists of a medium-length coat with outliers to the ears and tail where the coat becomes somewhat longer and fuller.


The care

The Cockapoo likes to be at home a lot and three times a 20 minute walk is sufficient for his exercise. The coat should be combed every few weeks, paying close attention to any tangles. These often arise near the ears and can be very annoying for your dog.

There are also several exercises that you can do with your dog that are good for him. These are exercises that stimulate the mental state of your dog and keep him mentally healthy. With this you prevent behavioral proble