Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: a small and elegant dog

Cavalier King Charles Spaniël rennend

The Cavalier is a fun, cheerful and sweet dog descended from the Spaniel. Due to his crossbreed he has both the characteristics of a lapdog and a sporting dog. This makes him suitable for active owners, but also for house sparrows. In the past, this dog was mainly associated with the royal family, where he served as a companion dog and feet warmer. Nowadays, this breed is becoming increasingly popular and is also very popular with families and the elderly. Are you curious about what the Cavalier has to offer and how best to care for this dog? Then read on quickly!


History: a royal feet warmer

As the name suggests, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is descended from the Spaniel. They probably came about because small Spaniels were crossed with small Oriental breeds. Because they are small, this breed is also often called a “toy dog”.

This breed used to be known primarily as a dog of the rich. King Charles II was so fond of the Cavalier that the breed soon became associated with him and eventually even got its name. In those days the dogs served mainly as lap and foot warmers. A real companion animal, in other words. For a long time the dog was a pet of the rich, with whom it roamed around in beautiful homes. Later the breed also became very popular as a family dog, especially in England. Nowadays the popularity of this breed continues to grow.


The character: sweet, gentle and playful

The Cavalier has a very gentle and sweet character. They enjoy attention immensely and are eager to please their owner. The nice thing about this breed is that they have two sides. On the one hand they are quiet lap dogs that love to be petted, on the other hand they are very lively and sporty. This makes the Cavalier a suitable dog for both active owners and owners who prefer to be at home.

You can say that the Cavalier is the ideal pet. Besides its good character, it also gets along very well with children, other pets and strangers. Here, of course, as with any other breed, proper socialization is essential.

A Cavalier is often quite quiet indoors, but when he is outside he comes alive. He loves to sniff around, play and explore his surroundings. When they are following their nose, they can sometimes be a tad stubborn. But after a good education, you can safely let this breed run free. Remember that it is in a safe environment.