Border Collie: an energetic and intelligent shepherd

Drie Border Collie honden

Because of his character and temperament, a Border Collie is a special dog. He is very intelligent and no task is too crazy for him. This breed is very devoted to its owner, it is easy to train and listens well. In general a Border Collie gets along well with other animals and children. However, he can come across as intimidating because of his penetrating gaze. That is one of the reasons why the Border Collie is also used as a sheep herding dog.

He can sneak, run and hunt like no other. Because this breed is so smart, it is important that he is challenged enough mentally. If that does not happen, he will become bored and eventually learn things to himself. It is therefore important that you give him plenty of attention and undertake sufficient dog activities. Want to know more about the Border Collie? You can read it in this article.


The history: a sheepdog from northern England

Many people know the Border Collie as an obedient sheepdog. Circling around the sheep in the pasture to guide them from one place to another. The Border Collie is one of the world’s best herding dogs and is descended from Hemp, the father of the Border Collie. Hemp was born in 1894 in northern England and was very popular among farmers.

He distinguished himself from other sheepdogs by using his eyes while herding. Most dogs were noisy and barked to keep the sheep together, but Hemp remained calm and intimidated the sheep by staring. Because of his unique characteristics, many farmers wanted a puppy from this herding dog. Eventually, Hemp provided some 200 offspring.

For over a century, the dog was bred primarily for its function as a sheepdog; physical appearance was hardly considered. So originally the Border Collie was really seen as a working dog. Only in 1976 the Border Collie was officially recognized as a breed by the Kennel Club in the UK. After that it took some time before the AKC recognized the Border Collie as a show dog, this happened in 1995.


The character: an intelligent breed with a lot of energy

The Border Collie has a unique character. He is extremely intelligent, obedient and tireless. He loves to be busy for his owner and therefore finds it very enjoyable to perform tasks. This is also one of the reasons why Border Collies are so good at herding sheep and agility training. Towards their owners and acquaintances this breed is very friendly and protective, but towards strangers the Border Collie is a bit more reserved.

Furthermore, this breed can be seen as a reliable and sociable four-legged friend. He can cope well with children, but the preference is for slightly older children. They can be a good buddy for the Border Collie if they want to run and play with him a lot. This breed has a lot of energy, so it is important that he gets enough exercise and is challenged mentally. With a sporty owner who loves to play the Border Collie will be very happy. After a busy day this breed also loves to relax and cuddle.

A Border Collie is not a suitable dog to keep in an apartment. This dog loves a lot of exercise and hunting, so it is important that he can easily go into a garden to expend his energy.

Border Collie puppy´s

The appearance: an athletic dog with an alert look

Characteristic of the Border Collie is its athletic body. The body of this breed is built in such a way that it can move agilely. They can easily change speed and direction, which comes in handy when herding sheep. Also, the Border Collie is broad and muscular, which gives him a powerful appearance. This breed is medium sized and has a profile that slopes gracefully to the rear. The tail is carried low. On average, they weigh about 12 to 20 pounds and live to be 10 to 17 years old.

The Border Collie has a weather-resistant, double coat that comes in two different types:

  • Rough and medium to long hairs with a slightly wavy structure
  • Smooth, short hairs all over the body

This coat can come in all possible colors, color combinations or markings. To most people it is known in the color combination of black and white.

Furthermore, this breed can have a rather intimidating look in its eyes. This look he uses to chase other animals. His expression is alert, eager and full of interest. The Border Collie’s gaze shows exactly what his character is like.


The care of the Border Collie

The coat of the Border Collie needs quite a bit of grooming. He moults every season and loves to romp. Therefore it is important that he is brushed 2 to 3 times a week. This may vary from dog to dog, it could be that your Border Collie needs to be brushed more often. In any case, make sure that no dirt gets stuck in the coat and that no tangles develop. Also, as with any other dog breed, the nails should be clipped regularly.

Regarding nutrition, it is important that a Border Collie gets enough high quality nutrients. Because this breed moves a lot and has powerful muscles, it prefers food with lots of protein. Therefore, choose a high quality dog food or make your own meals for your dog. If you want to prepare your own meals, consult your vet about the best food to serve your B