Australian Kelpie: Full Breed Description

Australische Kelpie puppy´s

The Australian Kelpie is a loyal and dedicated dog that is ideal if you like to do things with your dog. This dog breed was created when there was a need for a dog that could thrive under the hot conditions that the continent of Australia faces. The Australian Kelpie is a dog that can handle this well and also has a great stamina. The name Kelpie came about when in the state of Victoria there was a litter that consisted of all black-brown puppies except one that was red. You guessed it: this puppy was called Kel-pie. Want to learn more about this dog breed? Then read on below!


History: the result of a shortage of sheepdogs

The Australian Kelpie was the result of a shortage of sheepdogs in the Australian states of Victoria and New South Wales in the 19th century. Sheep ran free and the thenmali-ge residents were convicted criminals exiled to Australia from Europe. They could not keep the large flocks together and so it was decided to breed a breed of dog for this purpose. This dog breed descends from the black-brown collies, the English name for a shepherd dog.  


The character: a very loyal dog

Like most dogs, the Australian Kelpie is a very loyal dog, give him some time to get used to you and he will be a buddy to you all his life. The Australian Kelpie is basically bred to perform shepherding tasks and because of this is a workaholic dog that likes to be busy. Another character trait of this dog is that he can handle the heat and drought that Australia has to deal with, this also applies to similar climates that you can find in Southern Europe and Central America.

The Australian Kelpie is a dog that gets along well with children. However, it is not an everyman’s friend right away, it is a dog that first has to get used to a new person and has good instincts with which he can judge a human being. When an Australian Kelpie sees you as a friend, you have a friend for life.

Australische Kelpie in het bos

The appearance of the Australian Kelpie

An Australian Kelpie becomes about 43 to 51 centimeters high, measured from the shoulders and weighs between 14 and 20 pounds. He has a fox-like muzzle with a short, double coat that can withstand water well, he often has a chocolate-like color but they also occur in red, black and smoke blue. The tail hangs down in a slightly curved position when the dog is walking or standing quietly. Once the Australian Kelpie gets excited or is playing, the tail can come up.

Remarkable are the short but very strong legs that allow them to effortlessly perform a whole day of shepherding tasks in the countryside or a long walk with their owner.


The care

As already mentioned at the beginning, the Australian Kelpie is a herding dog that is used to a lot of exercise. Even if you’re not going to keep your dog as a shepherd dog, it is important that you give your dog enough exercise, this can be by means of long walks or running along if you like running. This will also create a better bond. After all, it is much more fun to exercise with your dog than alone. It is also very nice for your dog to just take your side in everyday life.

There are also various exercises that are good for the mental state of a dog. There are many behavioral problems in dogs due to the fact that not enough attention is paid to the mental aspect. Many of these behavioral problems can be remedied by a combi-nation of physical exercise and mental exercises. Examples of mental exercises are: tricks, hiding something or commands. This can be combined with a small course for maximum effect. By letting the dog do these exercises he will have to think for himself. This of course stimulates the brains extra.

Because of the short coat of the Australian Kelpie, it is often enough to brush the coat occasionally, only in the moulting period it is wise to brush the coat daily.


Are there any diseases that occur in this breed?

Unfortunately there are certain diseases that occur in this breed, a nasty disease that is seen more often than average in this dog breed is CA or Cerebellar Abiotrophy a disease that causes the coordination and movement of the dog to deteriorate. Other disorders that are more common in this dog breed are; epilepsy, heart, eye and back disorders. Elbow arthritis (ED) and hip arthritis (HD) are also more common than average. It is important to pay attention to proper nutrition, proper hygiene and medication use.